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Type B Appliance Information

Type B Appliance Information

Type B Gas appliances are industrial gas devices, however not all gas fitters can work on them. Type B Appliances use natural or LP gas and are only to be used within the scope or restriction. Only selected bodies have been approved by the Chief Inspector to approve devices to be sold, installed or used.
More information about Type A and B gas can be found here at the Queensland Gas Association. 

Application and Approval Process

Once a Gas fitter is licenced to work on Type B appliances, it is important that they carefully follow all standards and processes to complete work in an appropriate and safe manner. The worker must fully understand his or her obligations as a gas fitter to comply with these standards.

As per Queensland Department of Natural Resources and Mines, the following information is clearly outlined and explained in detail:

“When a Type B gas device is manufactured/imported, designed, constructed and installed there is a two stage process of certification and approval. It is important that importers/manufacturers, owners and operators, and installers of such equipment fully understand their obligations in each of these processes, as they are each required to obtain or provide certification or approval of the device. Gas suppliers also need to be fully aware of these requirements.

Gas suppliers are obligated to ensure that they receive a copy (green copy) of the gas system compliance certificate from the authorisation holder and should not supply gas (other than commissioning gas) unless a copy of the certificate has been received.”

Reference and more information here.

Legal operation

Type B Certification of an appliance is required to operate it legally, in all states and territories of Australia, and for all Type B appliances in Queensland. Legislation and processes may vary depending on the state and the nature and size of the installation, however specific qualifications are required for designers, installers, inspectors and others involved in the Type B Certification process.

“Type B appliance designs may also be required to be submitted to the regulator or recognised agents for approval before use or modification. It is a further requirement that specific components used in a Type B appliance must be Australian Gas Association (AGA) certified.”

References and to read more see websites below:

Drive Train Power, 2013 / Skills Tech, 2014

How does it apply to Bizmatrix Training?

Bizmatrix Type B Gas Training place students in a variety of mock circumstances so that they must deal with unknown situations prior to completing training. This rigorous process involves the student to be put under pressure and unknown circumstances, which is very common in the workplace. Through doing this in a controlled environment, this means that Bizmatrix can safely assess how a student responds to numerous circumstances and ensures that safety procedures are followed correctly

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