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When Should I Update My Skills?

When Should I Update My Skills?

update skills

For those who prefer plain text:


This year – You’re knowledge should be sufficient

2 + Years ago – It would be beneficial to complete a 1 – 2 day refresher training program

5 + Years ago – You are well overdue! It’s time to relook at your trade, to ensure you are up to date with changes in codes and legislation

Gaps in Skill Set

Find the gaps in your skill set to understand where you could improve/up-skill in.

Test and tag, domestic Type A gas, caravan training, restricted electrical, industrial Type B or first aid.

Strength – Know your strengths

Are you a team player, people orientated, excellent worker, passionate in communication?

Transferable skills – use these skills to enable you to excel in the workplace.

Books – Reading self-improvement books

Free training – Participating in any free staff training workshops provided by your employer

Hobbies – Get involved in community programs, sports and after hours activities that improve transferable skills

Mentor – Find a mentor or supervisor to help you develop and build your skills.

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