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What Should You Expect? – Bizmatrix Alumnus Gives An Honest Recount Of His Time at Bizmatrix

What Should You Expect? – Bizmatrix Alumnus Gives An Honest Recount Of His Time at Bizmatrix

Gas Fitter/Plumber Kurt Lewis gives candid insight into how his career has grown and changed over the years and what practical part his training at Bizmatrix played 

Often when investing time and money into training, it can be hard to gauge what kind of experience you will have with a course beyond description. So, Bizmatrix is launching a blog series called Our Students: Beyond Bizmatrix. This series will comprise of interviews with past students who give their candid experiences in their careers before, during and after their time in the Bizmatrix training classroom. 

Our first interview is with Kurt Lewis who works in Type B Gas as well as being one of our part time trainers. 

What course did you do and when? 

Kurt: I did the CPCPGS4023B Install,commission and service Type B gas appliances  Type B Gas Course in Sydney in early 2017

Why did you do it? 

K: I actually started in heavily Type A gas fitting gas installation etc in 1995, this was when I started self employment and after a call into a local kleenheat store to look for work  a manager and experienced gasfitter Greg Best  took  a liking to me and took me under his wing and set me on my gas path and mentored me, at that moment I knew plumbing was going to be in my rear view mirror as this was my path!

I had been working in Type B gasfitting  in New South Wales from around 2013 and as the work increased, I felt I needed more formal training which I completed in 2017 and then in 2018 I travelled around for 10 months on a sabatical where I was doing various jobs and ended up on the Gold Coast. Queensland didn’t recognise my Qualifications so I needed to get that sorted.

Was this your first course? 

K: It was the first qualification training I’d completed in a long time. I was doing service work for Rinnai, BOSCH and Brivis. Before that, I’d actually completed my Restricted Electrical Licence in 2011, so i’ve been continually doing Professional Development and resfresher courses for Type B gas and other froms of gasfitting : But  I needed to do a real qualification and proper accredited training. The CPCPGS4023B Install,commission and service Type B gas appliances  / the Type B Gas Course was the first qualification course I had undertaken in a long time.

What were you doing before you did this course? 

K: I was working in Type B gas side ,because in New South Wales, I wasn’t required to hold a Type B gas licence. As I took an interest in this area of work, I was probably one of the most experienced Gas Fitters in the local area and as a result, jobs were just coming to me and I was having to learn everything without formal training as I went and that was difficult and I realised that I needed to improve my skills and that’s how I got into looking for and comleting the Type B Gas Course. I am doing the same type of work as I did after the course as I was before I completed the course with a few differences as I am doing more and as a result of the course I am getting more interesting jobs which are getting more in depth and complicated.

Why did you choose Bizmatrix? 

K: In a nutshell, the only other courses were either in Victoria or South Australia and Bizmatrix were holding  a Type B gas course in Campbelltown which was a nearly two hour trip each way but was still the closest possible situation and as of the time I had three year old triplets, I couldn’t afford to be flying up to Brisbane to do it or flying to Adelaide so that was the lesser evil believe it or not.

The other advantage, this course was the first of the Online theory first which replaced the 5 days of face to face theory- Then we completed the 7 days of practical , which was more days of training , but three less days of face to face , which meant three less days of missing work and family time. The extra time with the elearning also helped to reduce the stresses of learning. As I did the learning over a longer period and it seems to make it easier to understand, especialllyin the practical week . Another good reason why I chose the Bizmatrix Type B gas course .

How did you find the course? 

K: I googled it, and I found Bizmatrix that way. After several conversations on the phone with the CEO Darrel Vecchio and his great team – I confirmed Bizmatrix could provide the knowledge and skills education/training I was looking for, I found out that  the Sydney course was on and as a result, in early 2017, I went to Campbelltown and completed the course (with honours of course  lol)

What was your experience during the course? 

K: I was actually the first one to do the online training! Darrel and David copped a bit of grief from me as I’m such a stickler for detail ( analretentive) haha. I did recognise I was generally ahead of most people because of my previous experience so ultimately I was fine with the initial bugs. There were some difficulties there but I still appreciate the content and learnings I got out of it. It plugged a lot of gaps in my knowledge which I needed because previously I was learning on the fly.  Sometimes we don’t know what we don’t know until we are chalenged and are forced to have a look internally at what we don’t know. So, I actually really enjoyed it. I now appreciate how the course was delievered and why the method.

If you could go back and do it again, what would you have wanted to be done differently? 

K: I’m not one to look back too much because I enjoy what I do, I enjoy my work and it’s hard to regret anything that has improved your situation, your knowledge and when you’re doing the things you enjoy. So I don’t have any regrets. Obviously, even being the first or second lot cohorts to do this specific format of blended online learning and practical for Type B gas , might have had some benefits on the flow through but someone had to be the first, right? I now appreciate the experience as it is helping me today when I am training or educating. One thing is for certain, this Type B gas course is always evolving , the great thing about Bizmatrix, they are always improving and always listed to any feedback and make ever attempt to make it better. So teh course today is always improving . As I said I always look forward and never back.

What are you doing now? 

K: I’ve got my hat in a few rings, I do Type B gas approval  inspections for RGO  in Northern New South Wales, I still do Type B gas  work in Sydney for Spray Booths and Boiler work and I spend some of my time in a teaching role here at Bizmatrix. As well as Bizenergy on some of their work as well. I’m dabbling in a few things, all of which I find interesting. That’s my motto, I don’t want to go to work and be bored.

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