The Bizmatrix team has extensive experience in gas, electrical, education, project building and technical sales. Founded in 2007 as an initiative for further education in gas and electrical, Bizmatrix has expanded from short courses to certificates in training and more. From this, we have developed a wholehearted and holistic approach towards training and education. We truly believe that every student, customer or client who walks through our doors deserves the highest level of service, and we aim to provide you with a positive and memorable experience; through developing new skills and integrating safe work methods into every day work.

  • Licence application support
  • Small team so you won’t get lost in our organisation
  • 38 years experience in the electrical, gas and electronic trades and  industry
  • We go beyond training- with education and learning


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Students have trained with us


Only private RTO to provide full support with licensing applications

Because we care!


Success rate in finding work after training


No matter what point in your career you’re at, Bizmatrix training has been tailored to fit to you. Whether you’ve been completing regular professional development or haven’t touched a text book since ’93, our training stimulates real world situations and is flexible to you.


Yes! All courses with the nationally recognised logo beside them are. There are few courses we offer that aren’t and this is due to them being part of professional development and skills maintenance.

If the upcoming training dates do not suit you, our programs are on offer regularly. If you have already signed up to a training program, please review the training policy in order to see your options.

Unfortunately, we cannot apply directly to the licensing body for you. However we are happy to assist with your application and with any questions you may have.

Bizmatrix training courses are very small classes, with anywhere from three to 10 students in total. We aim to keep the groups as small as possible so that you can have ample time working on appliances and one-on-one time with your trainer.

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