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Advanced Type B Gas Course – CPCPPS5001

Advanced Type B Gas Course – CPCPPS5001

ADVANCED TYPE B GAS COURSE | CPCPPS 5001Design industrial gas systems

The advanced Type B gas CPCPPS5001  Design Industrial gas systems are ideally suited for anyone who wants to progress their skills and knowledge beyond the Type B gas qualification or require the unit for their progression from a Restricted Type B gas licence to an Advanced Type B gas licence for the ACT , Tasmania and other states. The unit also works well for Type B or Type A gas approval authorities or as a unit required in the Diploma of Hydraulic Design.

This unit is at the Diploma level and will require the students to create a portfolio of works, including the use of electronic mediums, spreadsheets, CAD-style drawings and more.

Advanced Type B Gas / CPCPPS5001 Design Industrial Gas Systems may contribute towards your application to become a Type B gas approval authority – to be able to approve Type B submissions.

You will expand from basic Type B gas systems through to more complex systems, which are not covered in the standard Type B Gas Course. For example, you will learn additional information in hazardous areas, volatiles in certain applications, full modulation systems, ratio regulators, monitor regulators, complex valve trains with double block and bleed systems, leak detection, monitor regulators, zero regulator,s and modulating valves

Students will learn about design requirements, cost-benefit analysis, statutory requirements, layout of pipework systems, fitting and valves, valve trains, system calculations and materials required, joining methods, pipe fixing, installation requirements, plans, commissioning, and operation and maintenance manual.



Pre-requisitesStudents must have completed CPCPGS4023 Once the student has completed the CPCPGS4023 online course, desktop only, they may then complete the Design industrial gas systems subject.
Face to face PracticalNone- ( Only Via Virtual Classes )
Online ELearning Desktop Study 120hrs + Video Virtual Class support
Nationally recognised?Yes

This course is designed for those who are currently working in the Type B gas sector, who are Type B gas authorised or Restricted Type B gas licensed and have completed CPCPGS4023 Type B Gas Course or equivalent.

It is ideal for those employed in the industry, and are required to design, complete and submit the following:

•  Type B gas submissions
•  Approve Type B gas submissions
•  Work on advanced Type B gas systems
•  Create advanced industrial specifications


Course Delivery

The course CPCPPS5001 Design Industrial Gas Systems is solely delivered online and needs to be completed over a 4-8 month period.

Students are required to have completed the CPCPGS4023  Install, Commission and Service Type B gas unit as a pre-requisite to underpin their knowledge.

During the Advanced Type B gas training, you will be required to achieve assessment deadlines for each stage of the course.

You will have a maximum of 8 months from the start date to complete the course. There will be several design projects leading up to a final assessment.

Each stage will have a due date and one of the conditions of successfully passing the course will be successfully meeting the due dates.

•  Bizmatrix Pre-requisite students must have complete the Bizmatrix CPCPGS4023 online only first before commencing the advanced Type B gas
•  Step 1: Online training and assessment – Block One- Assignment Project (1) One-desktop (within 2 months)
•  Step 2: Online training and assessment – Block Two- Assignment Project (2) Two-desktop (within 1 month)
•  Step 3: Online training and assessment – Block Three- Assignment Project (3) Three-desktop (within 1 month)
•  Step 4: Final assignments (max 1 month)

To support your learning and education, Bizmatrix instructors will be making regular contact with you via our zoom video class room.

Before you book a course:

  • Understand that online learning and assessment commences on enrolment.
  • Plan your study periods and attendance to the regular virtual online classes
  • Require a laptop computer a second screen, and a mouse with the necessary software as required.
  • The due dates are set and must be met – 
  • All Standards are supplied, through the Techstreet portal free of charge.

•  Allow at least 120-200 hrs to complete the online learning & assessments.

This is a nationally accredited unit found here

Check the due dates for online learning and the assessments.

Course Outcomes

After you are deemed competent, what’s next?

Successful participants will receive:

  • A Statement of Attainment in recognition of and conforming to the AQTF requirements
  • Access to technical support and information and our E-Learning resource
  • Greater knowledge of Advanced Type B gas appliances and equipment
  • access to membership with the Queensland Gas Association Inc. (optional) 
  • Become a forerunner for the future green fuels- Hydrogen, Biomethane- Green Natural gas 
  • Access to further training and information about the gas industry by becoming a member of the BIZMATRIX VOD Network

Bizmatrix Pre-requisite: 

Students must have completed CPCPGS4023

Once the student has completed the CPCPGS4023 online course, desktop only, they may then complete the CPCPPS5001 Design Industrial Gas Systems subject.

•  Have completed CPCPGS4023  Install, Commission and Service Type B Gas Appliances or an equivalent unit and/or have evidence of (or equivalent), installation, commissioning and servicing of Type B gas appliances.
•  Have solid knowledge of electrical gas control systems. Recognition of prior learning (RPL) consideration will be given to participants who may be eligible for it.

Note: Evidence for RPL will be required before the commencement of this course. Additional costs may apply for the RPL process.




120 - 200hrs Online Only


Enrolments now open:

ADVTBG-eLearning – Enrol at any time, the course completion dates are 6-8 months from your enrolment date.

The course has been redesigned as an online learning course with educator learner support via virtual online video classrooms.

The program has strict due dates and finish date.


Class Name Course Dates

Online due dates

Class Times

Training Locations Available Spaces

Pricing -

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Advance Type B Gas Course-2024 intake May-Dec 2024 eLearning due before:01/07/2024   Face-to-Face Dates: Intake- ONLINE Course May- December 2024 eLearning due before:01/07/2024

Class Time: 07:30 am ---- 04:00 pm

Virtual Classroom 10 General Pricing $4,900.00   " Enquire Now " Button above 
Advance Type B Gas Course-2024 intake to Decenber 2024-for 2025 eLearning due before:02/12/2024   Face-to-Face Dates: Intake October-Dec 2024 for 2024/25 eLearning due before:02/12/2024

Class Time: 07:30 am ---- 04:00 pm

Virtual Classroom 10 General Pricing $4,900.00   " Enquire Now " Button above 

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