Applying for a Queensland Gas Work Licence/ Authorisation.

Applying for a gas licence doesn’t need to be a difficult task.  Simply follow the step by step instructions located at the following address.

A few items before applying for a Gas Work Licence/ Authorisation:

-Have you completed the required training for the class of licence ?

-Do you have a logbook of experience to support your application !

-Make certain you have copies of the statement of attainment / Certificates – Certified by a JP .

-This is a Queensland Only Licence or  Gas Authorisation ?

If you want to mutual recognise a gas licence from another state or New Zealand , there must be a corresponding , like for like QLD gas licence.

The full details are set out on the link above and is a step by step guide to a successfull licence application- if you are eligible.

Our recommendation is to provide more of what is asked and to provide everything that is asked,


-Fill in all the blanks .

-Get the supporting documents  JP certified.

-Have a checklist and check each item off as you go.

-Keep a copy of your application and supporting documents.

If you have not completed the training , then go to this area for a selection of the correct course that is right for you

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