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Gas Trainer Position

Join the Bizmatrix Trainer /Educator Team- Type B gas or Type A gas trainer – New Educator Trainee mentor program

Join the Bizmatrix Team as a  Type A or Type B gas Trainer/assessor–educator in 2024 Celebrating our 17th year of excellence, Bizmatrix is excited to welcome new expert trainers to our team. This is a perfect chance for skilled gas and electrical professionals to embark on a fulfilling career in education and training. STOP PRESS- …

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Five ways to being a great service tech
Australian Standards

The “Sense” Check- Five (5) Ways to be a great service technician & not just a tradesman

Not Just Good Service but Great Service! #1 – You are a licensed technician – not a licensed gas fitter, electrician or tradesman #2 – Know your limitations! Both technically and legally #3 – Have a systemic approach – checklists keep you honest #4 – You never stop learning! Keep up to date with your …

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Gas ban unwise

Nine reasons why a Gas Ban is uwise !

Why a Gas Ban Is Unwise! A few years ago, the Government in the ACT implemented a ban on gas, a decision that has raised significant concerns. The issue becomes apparent when examining the city landscape, where more than 250 Type B gas boilers and heaters are installed in key locations such as government buildings, …

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Restricted electrical and what it encompasses | Disconnect and reconnect / Locate & Rectify for Plumbers or Gas fitters 

A must have licence  As your business expands, so do your offerings. We find a lot of plumbers and gas fitters as they continue to work on-site need to be able to disconnect and reconnect electrical equipment like an electric hot water system in order to get the job done.   It becomes far too time-consuming …

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Gas licence careers

Gas Stationary Engines: Why is it relevant to me?

Now open GSE-1-2022 Gas Stationary Engines Course:(SERVICE & INSTALL) – 2022 As your gas career grows, there are so many opportunities to niche into a particular area of gas. That’s one of the reasons why we love having a trade so much.  In Queensland, Gas Stationary engines are utilsed in Type B gas situations and …

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Bizmatrix News

Power-hungry household appliances

When it comes to saving on energy in your home, it is important to know which appliances within the home are consuming the most. There are some appliances you simply cannot live without and are going to use a lot of energy no matter what. However, when purchasing these power-hungry appliances, it is important to …

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