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Taking Up Type A Gas Trade Test - Skills Update Course

Gas Work Licences- EXPIRED more than 12 months.

FAQ–   Before you proceed


  • Gas Work Licence holders or delayed applications for GWL = expired time less than 12 months


  • Answer apply for your Gas Work Licence . – OR


  • Gas Work licence holders or delayed applications for GWL = More than 12 months– less than 5 years 


  • Answer required to complete a trade test & Field experience assessment as below.

The Type A  Gas Trade Test / field experience assessment– for expired applicants more than 12 months for  a Queensland Gas Work Licence with  this course.

Available to any Interim or open licensed Gas fitter or apprentice that never applied for an Interim Gas Licence who licence or application period has expired more than 12 months .

OR  Holders of an expired licence more than 12 months

  • Confirm you have exceeded the 12 month period as above with the Queensland Gas Licencing – DNRME Gas Licence Unit- then if yes!
  • Complete the Trade test/ Field Experience assessment

Additionally the Trade Test Skills Refresher Maintenance course is open to anyone with the correct qualifications to match the refresher trade test  training unit, looking to gain further knowledge in gas service installation, commissioning Type A appliances and Type A gas systems (Option 1 & 2) wanting to complete their annual professional development training and updates.

What will I get from this training program?

This training program is an interactive and in-depth approach for skills maintenance – Type A gas renewal. If you have let your gas licence lapse, you will be required to complete this training course in order to renew it. It is important to continue to stay on top of industry changes whilst building your knowledge further in the gas industry. The training program will work to give you a new understanding of gas practices.
All of our trainers have been gas for over 20 years and are still working in the industry, also enabling you to build your network and interact directly with those working alongside with you in the industry, in a non-competitive manner.

    Successful participants will receive

  • Statement of Results in line with requirements for expired Gas Work Licence policy as per Department of Natural Resources and Mines
  • Access to technical support and information and our E-Learning resource
  • Discounts off Australia Codes and Standards
  • Discounted test equipment


RequirementsConfirm that you need to complete?
e Learning + Face to face training(4) Four days
E-Learning required firstrefresher/assessment
Approved Training?Yes- for expired licences


Gas cookers, gas cooktops, domestic BBQ, gas stoves, gas hot water systems like Bosch Hot Water, Rheem gas hot water units, Rinnai Hot Water units.

Gas cookers, gas cooktops, domestic BBQ, gas stoves, gas hot water systems like Bosch Hot Water, Rheem gas hot water units, Rinnai Hot Water units.

  • Gas safety
  • Legislation and regulations
  • Fluing, Ventilation and pipework
  • Testing and certification


  • Confirmed you require by DNRME- Gas Licencing
  • Course content covers- Gas Work Licence- trade test

$1800+ GST

e learn + 4 Days Inc Field experience

Trade Test with Field Exp
    Optional extra:

  • Practical Experience session:  This option is open to students completing the Gas Work Licence Interim only requirements Complete the seven (7) field experience jobs institutionally.  $720 + GST -Provide completion certificates as evidence. 

$720 + GST

1 Day


    Training dates 2019 :  Gas Trade test / Field experience

  • TAK-4-2019: Trade test- Refresher – (4 days) AUGUST 2019 – Day 1: 13th August 2019, Day 2: 14th April 2019, Day 3: 15th April 2019, Day 4: 16th April 2019. 
  • TKF-4-2019: AUGUST 2019 – Day 4: = TAK: Field Experience Only – 16th August 2019

TRAINING DATES- Gas Trade test + Field Experience courses

NameDateTimeLocationAvailable SpacesCost
TAK-4-2019-Type A Skills Trade test Field Exp Training- 4 daysE-Learn 4 days face to face 13 -16 August 201907:30 am - 04:00 pmBizmatrix BRENDALE Training Rooms5$1,980.00

TRAINING DATES- Field Experience only courses- Practical

NameDateTimeLocationAvailable SpacesCost
TKF-4-2019-Gas Field Experience Training Only -AUGUST 201916 August 201907:30 am - 04:00 pmBizmatrix BRENDALE Training Rooms5$792.00
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