One of the most popular foundation courses that we provide at Bizmatrix is the Type B Gas Fitting training course a nationally accredited unit (CPCPGS4023 Install, commission and service Type B gas appliances).

This particular course will teach you to install, commission and service Type B appliances while fully complying with relevant industry standards. The Type B Gas course allows you to learn about different kinds of industrial gas appliances all of which require a particular skill set and relevant knowledge. If you are interested in conducting gas fitting in an industrial setting, this is the perfect course for you.


Pre-requisiteCPCPCM2043 Carry out WHS requirements UEERL0004 Disconnect-reconnect electrical equipment connected to low voltage (LV) installation wiring.
Education & trainingOnline modules then (5) Days Face to face
Online7 modules (Prior to F2F Practical) - Approx. average 60hrs over 3-4 months + 4 virtual classes
F2F Practical5 Days
Nationally recognised?Yes
Subject UnitCPCPGS4023 Install,Commission and Service Type B gas Appliances.


The Type B Gas Course is designed for those looking to upgrade their skills and qualifications and/or increase their professional development on Type B industrial gas appliances involving installing, commissioning and servicing Type B industrial gas appliances in the plumbing, gas and electrical sector.

Typically appliances that are used in an industrial or commercial setting fall into the Type B appliance category. These include gas fired package burners, water and steam boilers found in large apartment blocks, gas furnaces, spray/bake booths, air heat burners, industrial processing plants, bio gas flares and industrial irons/steam boilers for dry cleaners.

A Type B gas appliance is an appliance or system where there is no certification scheme to cover the testing of the appliance.


Course Delivery

At Bizmatrix, we offer a combination of online learning and onsite training.nationally recognsed

All students are required to complete the online module before commencing the onsite training. Training consists now of seven (7) modules completed online via virtual classes covering all the theory in the 3-4 months prior to completing the face to face (F2F) practical training, and practical assessments which run over (5) Five Days onsite at Bizmatrix.

For the F2F practical training, you are kindly requested to provide your own supplies: protective gloves (due to COVID-19) national grade clear safety glasses, flameproof clothing long sleeve, as well as footwear that is steel capped. There is a requirement for all the theory to completed online prior and during the F2F practical, therefore you will be required to have access to a laptop or tablet computer to complete the virtual classes and the online learnings and assessments.

Australian Standards are required for the course, you will be provided with free access to all the required Australian Standards for all the training, at no additional costs. You will be able to download a copy and print and or have the latest copy as a PDF.

Finally, once the course has been completed and it has been confirmed that you have an electrical licence then you will receive an official Statement of Attainment by Bizmatrix which then allows you to apply for the relevant licensing/GWA (if applicable) or just demonstrate competency to enable you to work under and Safety management Plan or a Gas Work Authorised / Type B gas authorised/licensed company/person.

Before you book a course:
•  Understand the online learning and assessment commences on enrolment.
•  It is a pre-requisite to complete the online modules by the due dates & prior to the F2F practical.
•  Plan your study periods and attendance to the regular virtual online classes
•  Allow at least 8-12 weeks to complete the online learning and assessments.
•  Understand all online learning must be completed prior to the face-to-face (F2F) practical training.
•  The online work must be completed over a period of time to comply with the volume of learning and to assist with a better learning experience.
•  Check the due dates for the online learning and the assessments

Course Outcomes

As a graduate of the CPCPGS4023 Type B Gas Training Courses at Bizmatrix you will be able to:

•  Interpret pre-existing design specifications
•  Acquire all of the necessary official approvals
•  Make necessary preparations for work
•  Perform installations of gas system components
•  Test as well as adjust Type B appliances
•  Complete work finalization processes
•  Understand the relevant legislation and Standards associated with Type B gas
•  Compile a submission for a new Type B gas installation
•  Install, commission and service Type B gas appliances
•  Identify and complete all relevant documentation
•  Understand the correct testing techniques for Type B gas appliances
•  Understand the compliance and safety aspects of Type B gas
•  Perform combustion analysis, Burner Management Systems, commissioning
•  Complete coverage of AS3814 – and AS1375
•  Perform valve training testing / setting up gas regulators and OPSO systems
•  Start gas, main gas set up

  • CPCPCM2043 Carry out WHS requirements 
  • UEERL0004 Disconnect-reconnect electrical equipment connected to low voltage (LV)  installation wiring. 

Note: The applicant must obtain the pre-requisites prior to commencing and completing the  CPCPGS4023 course section 

  • Licensed Electricians, Restricted Electrical Licenced with Disconnect & Reconnect will be  eligible for RPL or Credit transfer to recognize the UEERL004 unit 
  • OR: If you do not already have the above qualifications, we now offer Type B blended restricted electrical training course, which can be embedded in the Type B gas training. 

The participants will complete the Restricted Electrical Licence course units first including the practical, then continue to the Type B gas course, where the balance of the restricted electrical is completed. Hence why the courses are blended, the training is separate and are standalone courses. 

  • The gas pipework to the appliance is considered Type A gas work, therefore the Type B authorisation / approval qualification does not allow you to work on Type A gas appliances, and you are not authorised to install pipework, cylinders etc. to the Type B appliance, as this is considered Type A gas work.
Type B Appliance definition
  • An appliance, with gas consumption in excess of 10 MJ/h, for which a certification scheme does not exist (applicable in Australia only).

    Note: A Type A  gas appliance when used in an industrial/commercial application for which it was not intended is considered to be part of a Type B appliance. An example of this is a certified direct-fired air heater used as the heating/ventilating device in a spray/bake paint booth.


  • CPCPGS4023 Install, commission and service Type B gas appliances
  • Pre-requisite CPCPCM2043 Carry out WHS requirements ( Included)

Optional for those who don’t hold a restricted electrical licence:

  • UEECD0007 Apply Occupational Health and Safety regulations, codes and practices in the workplace
  • UEERL0004 Disconnect / reconnect appliances connected to low voltage installation wiring (230Vac)
  • UEERL0005 Locate and rectify faults in low voltage appliances using set procedures (230Vac)
  • UEERL0003 Conduct in-service safety testing of electrical cord connected equipment and cord assemblies


New CPCPGS4023 Bizmatrix Type B Gas Course

CPCPGS4023 Install, commission, and service Type B gas appliances

  • Includes Pre-requisite – CPCPCM2043 Carry out WHS requirements
  • Pre-requisite: Students must hold UEERL0004 Disconnect – Reconnect electrical equipment connected to low voltage (LV) installation wiring

Base Course Fees: $4,600 GST FREE

Training includes:
•  Access to online learning portal and learning materials
•  All required Australian Standards required for the Type B gas unit (Included in the fees) Approximately $1,000.
•  Learn manuals and required Textbooks for the course.
•  Access to test equipment and tools for the practical
•  Training rigs for practice and assessments.
•  Regular support via ONLINE-virtual classes and video tutorials
•  Practical hands-on education.

Pre-requisite Options for Electrical as Below

Note: National Accredited units are GST free




Bizmatrix Type B Gas Course in Brisbane is held in Brendale.

Unit 52-53/193-203 South Pine Road, Brendale,4500 Queensland

Training courses in Brisbane are held throughout the year.


Type B Gas Training- Tasmania

The Tasmanian Type B gas course also includes the Type A gas training/ endorsement required for Non- Gas licenced participants.

The course commences with ONLINE education and assessment –

Complete seven (7) online modules of theory , (5) mandetory Virtual class days  with approximately eight (8) assessments due and required to be completed prior to the face to face

  • Then complete five days Face to face practical education and hands-on Assessments at
  •  Bizmatrix Mobile Classroom 

Face to face Only held in Tasmania starting from Monday 29th May-2nd June 2023

Full information and registrations here

  • Type B Gas training in Gladstone

    Training location – Mobile Training Facilities available.

    Courses in Gladstone are arranged on demand

  • Type B Gas training in Sydney locations varies.


    Training is offered annually.

    Enquire now for dates. We are now taking expression of interest applications for the next Type B Gas Course in Sydney.

Canberra (2024)
  • Type B Gas training in Canberra locations vary.


    See below tablesTraining is offered annually.

  • The Darwin facility

    Bizmatrix Mobile Resources

    Enquire now for dates. We are now taking expression of interest applications for the next Type B Gas Course in Darwin.


We recommend anyone undertaking this course to plan your journey and study time to allocate days to what needs to be completed each week and plan to attend the virtual classes as programmed for each course.

Check below to make sure you have enough time to complete all online components before the due date.

Typically the 7 online modules take approximately 60hrs over 3-4 months.

This must be completed before the F2F practical date otherwise attendance can not be guaranteed.

Enrolments – now open.


Please note: When you click “Apply Now”, you will start the process of enrolling into the course. If you want to make an enquiry, please click “Enquire Now” above.

Class Name Course Dates

Online due dates

Class Times

Training Locations Available Spaces

Pricing -

To be confirmed


    or more information  

TYBG-7-BNE-2024: 21-25 October 2024 & (1 - 4 October Virtual days) eLearning due before:21/10/2024   Face-to-Face Dates: 21 - 25 October 2024 eLearning due before:21/10/2024

Class Time: 07:00 am ---- 04:00 pm

Bizmatrix - UNIT 67 Brendale: BRISBANE 2 General Pricing $4,850.00   " Enquire Now " Button above 
TYBG-8-BNE-2024: 2-6 December 2024 ( 4 Virtual Class) eLearning due before:02/12/2024   Face-to-Face Dates: 2 - 6 December 2024 eLearning due before:02/12/2024

Class Time: 07:00 am ---- 04:00 pm

Bizmatrix - UNIT 67 Brendale: BRISBANE 8 General Pricing $4,850.00   " Enquire Now " Button above 


There are currently no openings available for this course. To register for expressions of interest don't hesitate to get in touch with our team at Bizmatrix for more information Phone 1300 588 749 or 07 3732 6500


Why do I need to do the eLearning?
The eLearning enables the student to streamline their training, to program bite size study sessions. There are no short cuts to study, Bizmatrix has designed the Type B gas course to be your virtual classroom, unlike the face to face day. The student is able to pace the study to their pace, and repeat the explanation when ever where they want. Due to Covid-19 we implemented the seven modules online. And when we were clear to do the face to face, it reduced the class time from 10 days to only 5 days, the difference the 5 days was spent on just practical hands on education and assessments. With minimal theory, during the face to face five days.

In all cases, the students loved this method of learning saying:

“I learnt more as it gave me time to absorb and learn the information.”
“I found the videos great, as they were in bite sizes and I was able to view them over and
over if I wanted.”
“It was like having my own virtual teacher at call “
“The virtual classes really helped me for any questions we had?”
“Wow, that first day of face to face!, straight into the deep end of the pool with practical on Megan Vegan air heat burner”,  I was surprised at how much the online learning helped.. it
all made sense then.”

The online learning builds up the knowledge and then the face to face practical is where the student’s connects the dots.

The online component helps to reduce that fear of failure and clear the path to create a positive learning experience, where the student enjoys the learning journey and walks away with the
tools to go further.

Why do I need to use a computer?
Type B gas appliances require the ability to do high level work and is a complex subject and requires the student to access large quantities of information, and many complex calculations.

A computer and associated software is a necessary tool for any Type B gas professional to create submission, checklists and record data.

Paper evidence is limited and is required to be electronically stored; it is easier and more efficient to cut the paper from the beginning. The computer and electronic submissions helps you concentrate on the important things – learning to be competent at Type B gas, so you can do the job safely and compliantly.

Once I pass the course – what is next?
If you only require a record of results, then you do not need to get a restricted electrical licence/electrical permit.  Just provide a copy of the record of results to your employer.
If you need a Statement of Attainment, then you will require a Restricted Electrical Licence first. You have 11 months to complete and get the Restricted Electrical for the Type B gas Statement of attainment.

If you have the Statement of Attainment, then apply for a Gas Work Authorisation or a Type B gas licence. Note that there will be licensing requirements for these applications. We recommend you maintain your currency and you should plan to complete refresher training throughout your licence or work career.

It is highly recommended that you have all the required test equipment and tools required for each of the qualifications, including the following Type B gas work:
•  Multi-meter
•  Insulation / continuity meter.
•  Leakage clamp ammeter.
•  Low pressure manometer X 2
•  Medium pressure manometer.
•  Pumpy pumpy- pressure kit
•  Combustion analyser- two cell
•  Annometer or peto tube.
•  Ipad or tablet with a Sim card
•  Laptop with
»  Apache Open Office.
»  Adobe Acrobat PDF.
»  Microsoft office.

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