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This training program is an interactive and in-depth approach for maintaining your skills for electrical licence renewal.

It is ever important to continue to stay on top of industry changes whilst building your knowledge further in the electrical industry. This course will work to give you a new understanding of electrical practices, and provide you with the latest skills and information in electrical safety legislation, risk management, testing, further understanding and use of electrical equipment – making you eligible to renew or maintain your electrical licence.

All of our trainers have been electricians for over 20 years and are still working in the industry, also enabling you to build your network and interact directly with those working alongside with you in the industry, in a non-competitive manner.

This non-accredited Skills Maintenance course meets the Electrical Safety Office (QLD) requirements, for a registered electrician or Restricted Electrical person to renew & apply for a renewal of your Electrical Licence.



RequirementsRestricted electrical or full electrical licence - Must bring own test equipment and current Australian Standards
Practical Face to Face training1 day
Nationally recognised?No


This Electrical Skills Maintenance course has been specifically designed for holders of a current, requires renewal or expired electrical licence. 

This course is an in-depth overview program aiming to refresh and update your knowledge so that you can reapply for your electrical licence, whilst ensuring that you follow safe practices and are aware of any changes within the Electrical Safety legislation of Queensland.

This course is a hands-on approach with the theory connected to the approach.  


Students are required to be a trade registered Electrician or to hold a Restricted Electrical Licence before attending this training course.

They must bring along their required test equipment like

  • multi-meters **
  • insulation/continuity & resistance meters **
  • loop impedance meters,
  • leakage AMP clamp meters **
  • Electrical safety gloves **
  • Correct PPE  Safet boots , Long sleeve clothing **
  • Copies the relevant Australian Standards ** . ( we will provide free access  included in the fees) 

We will supply basic hand tools and the simulators 

** Mandatory to provide


This course covers the requirements as per the Electrical Safety Office to reapply for a Restricted Electrical Licence or Full Electrical Licence. Australian Codes and Standards will be covered.

The course content is like the ESO online renewal assessments, with the added hands on practical projects through the session.

On successful completion, the participant will be issued with a Statement of Completion that can be used for their licence renewal in lieu of the ESO online test.


Students complete 1 day on site face to face (F2F) practical education & assessment at Bizmatrix electrical training room U52 centre.

Before you book a course:
•  Confirm you will be required to bring your test meters as listed .In particular multimeters, insulation/continuity & resistance meters, loop impedance meters, leakage AMP clamp meters, electrical safety gloves and a LOTO kit.

  •   The correct PPE gear including safety boots, safety glasses, and flameproof clothing for electrical work.
    •  A copy of the current Australian Standards for your electrical licence type – AS/NZS3000 Wiring Rules, AS/NZS3760, AS/NZS4836 ( we can give you access to free standards) 


ELEC-CV-8-2020: Skills Maintenance & License Renewal – Electrical

Scope of the session

WHS – Work Health Safety in Electrical



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SKM-EL-7-2024: Skills Maintenance & Licence Renewal - Electrical eLearning due before:27/08/2024   Face-to-Face Dates: 27 August 2024 eLearning due before:27/08/2024

Class Time: 07:15 am ---- 03:30 pm

Electrical Room Unit 52/193 South Pine Road, Brendale QLD 6 General Pricing $605.00   " Enquire Now " Button above 
SKM-EL-8-2024: Skills Maintenance & Licence Renewal - Electrical eLearning due before:21/10/2024   Face-to-Face Dates: 21 October 2024 eLearning due before:21/10/2024

Class Time: 07:15 am ---- 03:30 pm

Electrical Room Unit 52/193 South Pine Road, Brendale QLD 6 General Pricing $605.00   " Enquire Now " Button above 

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