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Eligibility for a Restricted Electrical Licence

Eligibility for a Restricted Electrical Licence

Gaining your Restricted Electrical Licence can be a simple process, provided that you fit the criteria and have all of your documentation in place. Many students would like to gain a Restricted Electrical Licence, however due to not having enough experience or a base trade of calling, they are not eligible. Therefore we want to help you bust the myths and easily determine if you are eligible to obtain a restricted electrical licence.

Here are our tips to determining your eligibility for a Restricted Electrical Licence

1. Do you have a base trade of calling?

This is a requirement as all those who would like to gain a restricted electrical licence. You will use this base trade of calling to apply for a restricted electrical permit,  for Queensland electrical licencing the ESO website and form 21 can be found here. If your base trade falls into the following categories, you will be eligible to apply:

Trades of callings that are recognised as having a legitimate need to sometimes perform electrical work are:

  • Aircraft maintenance engineer
  • Composite equipment service person
  • Data communications technician
  • Diesel fitter (in relation to electrical equipment coupled to engines)
  • Earth moving equipment fitter
  • Electric motor service person
  • Electronic equipment service person
  • Entertainment and servicing technician
  • First class machinist
  • Fitter and turner
  • Gas fitter
  • Injection moulding technician
  • Instrumentation/process control technician
  • Laboratory and scientific electrical equipment technician
  • Marine mechanic
  • Mechanical fitter
  • Office equipment service person
  • Photographic equipment service person
  • Plumber and drainer
  • Neon sign manufacturer
  • Refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment service person
  • Sewing machine technician
  • Systems and instrument technician
  • Telecommunication technician

The Electrical Safety Office states that: Your need to perform electrical work must be legitimate, saving time or money are not good enough reasons.



2. If you do not have a licence or base trade of calling, do you have  three (3) years of unstructured experience?

Form 21 required for application of a restricted electrical permit outlines the following:

“You may submit evidence that you have completed at least three 3  years experience in a calling that requires the performance of electrical work. Choose your calling from the list above and write it in the space provided. If you cannot demonstrate experience in one of the listed callings you may not be eligible for a restricted electrical work licence. In this case, you may wish to discuss options for an appropriate apprenticeship/traineeship with a registered training organisation.

You will need to supply evidence of your experience. Evidence should include qualifications, course certificates, and statements from your employer or a statutory declaration from a self employed person outlining your three 3  years experience in a calling.If you can demonstrate that you have at least three 3 years experience in a calling that requires the performance of electrical work and have not trained or have insufficient training in the performance of electrical work then you will be issued with an electrical work training permit and will be required to contact an SRTO to coordinate training to qualify for a licence.”
Full outline and details can be found on the form here.


3. Making the application

When making the application for your restricted electrical licence the process involves submitting form 21 and including a letter from your employer or a Statutory Declaration if you’re self employed.

This letter needs to outline what experience you’ve had, and state exactly what appliances you need to work on, and what sort of work you will be doing etc. It is important to paint the picture and explain in a clear and concise matter as to what exactly your intentions are so that it is simple for the ESO to determine your eligibility.

Applications take around 2 weeks to be reviewed.

4. Understanding the categories

There are 7 work area categories or endorsements:

  • composite equipment
  • high voltage electrical propulsion
  • plumbing/gas
  • electronics
  • electric motor
  • refrigeration/air conditioning
  • instrumentation/process control

These are what your ‘Skillset’ (which is a cluster of units in regards to your trade) will be determined on.


5. Receiving the permit

Hooray! Once you receive your Restricted Electrical Permit you will then be eligble to commence training. We recommend you sign up for training as soon as you receive your permit as you only have one year to complete the training and logbook. This may sound like a lot of time, however on many occasions students forget to apply for training and will only realise in the last few months before the permit expires.

Note: If you do not complete the training and look book and your permit has expires, you must reapply for your restricted electrical permit all over again, paying fees over again. So think of it like your “learners licence” in which, you wouldn’t drive a car without one, so you cannot do supervised restricted electrical work without a permit too.


6. Complete Restricted Electrical Course

Complete training onsite at Bizmatrix which consists of about 3 days of E-Learning completed prior to onsite training, followed by 4-5 days of onsite training at Bizmatrix, find out about our Restricted Electrical Course here.


7. Complete Logbook

You will be given a logbook, you must then complete your logbook to gain experience which is made up of 1 log book per unit – about an 8hr day worth to be signed off for.

The total training process from day 1 when you sign up to completing your logbook and submitting it takes between 2 – 3 months to complete.


8. Apply for Restricted Electrical Licence

Once you have completed all work required, you will be able to apply for your Restricted Electrical licence, this means you will be required to complete Form 21 and Form 39, which Bizmatrix will guide you through.


Now that you have determined your eligibility for a Restricted Electrical Licence, if you would like to sign up for the Restricted Electrical licence you can read more about it and sign up here.


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  • Hiren Brahmbhatt
    January 10, 2019, 11:25 am REPLY

    I have around 8 years field technical experience as field service technician/engineer from india. And want to continue career in same field.
    I want to restricted Electrical licence. Please guide the simple way.

  • Murray Bellardie
    June 21, 2019, 8:57 pm REPLY

    I’m looking to complete a restricted electrical licence to allow me to connect and reconnect electrical motors in my trade capacity as a Fitter & Turner.

  • Gosai prashantgiri Manugiri
    December 29, 2019, 2:05 pm REPLY

    I have 8 years experience in appliances service engineer i heandel all tipe home appliances riper and services so i need appliances riper and services lincese

  • Lewis Prizeman
    June 1, 2020, 3:04 am REPLY

    I have a restricted Electrical Licence was wondering how to renew it before it expires

  • Fulta frost fan installation
    June 8, 2020, 2:59 pm REPLY

    Here we come to know about the eligibility for a restricted electrical licence.stolen.This article attracts me a lot and I enjoyed reading this article and would suggest others too. I agree with all your points that you have stated here, love this blog. You must also check out Energysmith.co.nz it has some great insights too.

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