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Frequently Asked Questions

Student Handbook Policies & Procedures

The following is the student Handbook, which every student can access via the online portal and induction process.

This is the latest STUDENT HANDBOOK-2024 which contains the policies and procedures for students.

Good to know:

Bizmatrix will travel to you if you have five or more people looking to undertake one of our training programs. We can tailor a course or training program to suit you. In the past we have traveled to Adelaide, Canberra, Dalby, Sydney, Melbourne , Newcastle, Roma and Bundaberg for training courses. Please contact our admin team for more information.

I live in a remote location- E-learning or correspondence?

Many of our courses are now structured with the blended , E-learning and then face to face practical. Where the students completes the practical theory first, through our Biz-Education E-learning portal.

Step 1- Complete the e-learning online materials
Step 2- Attend the practical training and assessments – To connect the dots- with your online theory and then with the practical training/ assessment.
Step 3- Complete the other training if required- like log books or additional assessments.
The E-learning with blended practical is supported by our trainers, through the whole process. We have the foot in the door approach, where we maintain regular contact to ensure a positive process.
You have support throughout the training .
The best part- you save time, and you have control on when you want to learn and at your pace.

The 10 -key ways to a positive learning experience.
1- Make it fun?
2- Plan your journey
3- Book your training:
( I like to study for 2-4 hours on a Sunday morning – I find it easier, I am more relaxed and I can complete 4 times the work in the period.
4- Prioritise your work, selecting the most difficult work , with most gain and or profit. You will feel more satisfied at the end of the day, by completing the work you avoided , but knew it had the most benefit.
5- pace yourself- don’t overload.
6- Don’t leave it to the last minute.
7- plan it into your daily routine-
8- reward yourself when you finish.
9- Balance your work, family time, personal time and personal development.
10- Enjoy the journey, look for the positives

Type B Gas Appliances/Work

The authorisation is valid for as long as you are working in the trade industry, however it must be renewed every 5 years which incurs a small fee each time.

No! Unless you complete the requirements for a Type A Gas licence.

Gas Work Licence - Restricted to Service

Upon completion of the Gas Work Licence Restricted to Service with Caravan option successful students will be able to issue Gas System Compliance Certificates to meet the relevant inspection/certification requirements. Gas System Compliance Certificates may only be issued for caravan, RV’s and motorhomes, and boats/marine do not fall under this unit.Please note: This unit does not allow students to certify individual gas appliances, however only review gas system compliance as a whole, which is necessary for completion prior to issuing road worthy certificates. No individual appliance gas certification work may be completed under this licence.

  • Gas System Compliance Certification must take into account all relevant safety requirements of caravans with particular emphasis on ensuring appliances are approved, adequate ventilation, good combustion and no leakage. The certificate you sign states that you have inspected the gas system and that all the requirements of the standard have been met.

Work outside the scope of your licence (Gas Work Licence – Restricted to Service with Caravan unit):

    • You are not permitted to install a new or replacement gas appliance of any type including ‘like for like’. However, you may ‘refit’ the same appliance which you removed for cleaning/checking, but only in the same place and in the same way.
    • You are not permitted to carry out any installation, modification or repair to pipework other than tightening existing joints to seal any leakage.
    • You are not permitted to accept/certify any work that is not in strict compliance with the standards
    • For more information in line with the standards please see

No. You must undertake your Full Gas Licence (Certificate III in Gas Fitting) to be able to install gas appliances. Under the Restricted Gas Licence you are only able to service domestic and commercial gas appliances ,Type A gas appliances only.

Applicant must hold a Trade Licence or the applicant may be able to apply for RPL.

No, not anymore.

No, we recommend to get extra experience whilst completing the course, however this isn’t mandatory.

Restricted Electrical Licence

You can only do the units outlined on your Electrical Permit, as this is per QLD EOS requirements.

On average the electrical units online take about 3 days worth of work, then you must come in for 3-6 days of practical training. We recommend you allow two to three months time to compelte this course.

    • Beverage equipment
    • Domestic, commercial electrical appliances
    • Complex electrical control
    • Domestic, commercial and industrial electrical service
    • Test and tagging portable tools and appliances
    • Refrigeration and air conditioning – electrical
    • Correct testing procedures and methodology.
    • Getting the complication out of going back to the basics.
    • Refresher training/ service techniques.
    • Electrical associated with gas appliances
    • AS/NZS3000-2008-Wiring rules
    • AS/NZS3008 2009-Cable sizes
    • AS/NZS3820-prescribe electrical items
  • AS/NZS4863-2011-Safe working on or near low-voltage electrical installations and equipment

The Test and Tag training is valid for 5 years from certificate issue date. Once it expires, you are required to complete the test and tag training course again. This is due to changes in legislations, technology and to refresh your knowledge in safe work practices.

Our Test and Tag one day training course is nationally accredited, however in QLD you will need to apply for a restricted electrical contractors licence – for test and tag only to be able to earn money from test and tagging. All test and tag work that is complete in-house does not require a contractors licence – however competency through completing the one day training course is required to complete any electrical work.

Certificate III in Gas fitting

Yes? The Certificate III in gas fitting has an option for user choice funding for apprenticeships and trainees. Where the person may qualify for full funding. Contact Bizmatrix for more information.

Bizmatrix E-Learning

Go to this website portal link and enter your User Name and Password . 

No? The E-Learning is only one part of your training and it is very important you complete the practical training and assessment to connect your theory with your practical.
The E-Learning process is there to help you with your learning, then we connect the information with the hands on training. For an effective learning experience a Voyage of discovering in learning.

Remote Students:

For students who are traveling interstate, you will need to organise accommodation prior to attending you training. As Bizmatrix is located in an industrial estate, the best method is to book your accommodation closer to the city center then hire a car to get to and from training. Here are a couple of options for accommodation: Eatons Hill Hotel  Find out more here. Essence apartments Chermside: About a 20 minute drive to BrendaleQuest on Playfield – Chermside: Find out hotel details here. Aspley Pioneer Motel, Motel details hereAspley Sunset Motel. Find out details here.

Unique Student Identifier (USI):

All the details you need to obtain a USI are found here.

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