Customized Gas Training Courses for Gas Professionals

The Bizmatrix team has years of experience providing different types of gas training courses throughout the Queensland area. Throughout this time, we have worked with students from a wide range of backgrounds and with different levels of experience. If you are interested in finding out more about the type of gas training course which is perfect for you, feel free to contact us for more information. We are happy to provide a free consultation and advice to all of our prospective students, so contact Bizmatrix today at 1 300 588 749!


Type A Gas - Domestic & Commercial Gas Licence Courses

Gas Work Licence – Restricted to Service
If you only want to service, repair, maintain, disconnect and reconnect Type A domestic and commercial gas appliances then the Gas Work Licence – Restricted to Service is for you.
Full course information found here.
Gas Work Licence – Restricted to Service with Caravan Unit
This training program is based on the Gas Work Licence – Restricted to Service program however includes the caravan gas certificate unit in order to issue certificates used in caravans only.
Full course information found here.
CPC32720 Certificate III in Gas Fitting
Full qualification
Stage one: Interim licence training made up of 31 units

Gas training courses from Bizmatrix are a high-quality practical solution for individuals wishing to excel in the gas industry. We offer a wide range of gas training courses in order for you to meet the needs of your desired profession with ease. As part of our curriculum, we cover a range of different topics such as risk management and loss control and petroleum measurement for custody transfer. If you are interested in gas training, Bizmatrix offers premium training and unrivalled industry knowledge and experience, allowing you to make the most of the money you spend on your training.

So are you an Electrician, Refrigeration mechanic, Plumber or just want to Service only Gas appliances, or install and commission gas appliances or do both , Install gas pipework systems, with natural gas or LPG cylinders and gas tanks , then complete the full Gas Fitting Certificate III in Gas fitting . or look at the Certificate III in Gas Fitting apprenticeship At Bizmatrix we can tailor a gas course for you.

Already have a Gas Work Licence or would like to work on Industrial Gas appliances or industrial gas systems, know as Type B gas Appliances , Gas stationary engines – then the Type B Gas course CPCPGS4023 Install, commission and service course is the right course for you. Or the Gas stationary engine course if you only require to Install and service Gas Stationary Engines .

Already have a Type B gas qualification or require an Advance Type B gas licence, require the CPCPPS5001B Design industrial gas systems subject as part of a Diploma Coures , tehn the CPCPPS5001 Design industrial gas systems course is a perfect qualification which is designed to advance your knowledge to the next level above the Type B gas qualifications.

Our blended learning program will allow you to quickly and efficiently achieve your training objectives. Over the years, we have built a track record of delivering a range of courses for companies and clients throughout Australia. From Type A and B Gas Appliances to the Certificate III in Gas Fitting, we deliver different courses and training methods, customized and tailored specifically to your needs. If you are interested in acquiring top-quality training from our expert practitioners, feel free to contact our Bizmatrix team.

Gas Courses — Types and Structure

There currently exists a range of different gas courses that allow participants to acquire skills and proficiency in different types of gas training. Whatever your career path, Bizmatrix will have a number of options available tailored to your prior knowledge and future career plan. In addition, we are more than happy to offer flexible training options through our distance learning program — whether you are interested in attending our courses and meeting your colleagues in person or studying from the comfort of your own home, we are happy to help you achieve your objectives.

Take a look at some of the Gas Courses that we have on offer:

1. Type A Gas (Domestic and Commercial Licenses)
Gas Work LicenseGas Work Licence Restricted to Service (with or without Caravan Unit)
CPC32713 Certificate in Gas Fitting (with or without apprenticeship)
Certificate IV in Plumbing & Services Gas Units 
–      -Service Type A Gas Appliances- CPCPGS4022A
-Carry Out Work Based Risk assessments – CPCPCM4011A
-Estimate and Cost Work – CPCPCM4012A
-Design and size consumer gas installations – CPCPGS4011C

2. Type B Gas (Industrial Gas Appliance Licenses)
Course on Type B Gas Training- CPCPGS4023B
Stationary Engine Gas Courses
Course on Type B Gas Flue
Advanced Type B Course on CPCPPS5001B Design Industrial Gas Systems

Overall, Bizmatrix has the perfect gas training solution for every professional. If you are not familiar with the different types of gas training courses or you would like to find out more about the content of the courses themselves, feel free to contact the Bizmatrix team for more information.

CPC32713 Certificate III in Gas Fitting – with Apprenticeship (full funding available)
This apprenticeship program will enable you to complete the Certificate III in Gas Fitting with full funding. You will be required to complete weekly logbooks in order to gain experience within your trade.
Full qualification
Stage one: Interim licence training made up of 32 units
To kick start your career in gas, begin with the Certificate III in Gas Fitting. This is a full qualification and the path to becoming a full gas fitter. You will learn about installing full gas systems, pipework, cylinders, regulators, Type A domestic and commercial gas appliances, gas flues, Type A servicing, repairing, maintain and commission full gas systems and Type A Gas appliances.
Full course information here
Certificate IV in Plumbing & Services
Selected units from Certificate IV in Plumbing & Services
We also have selected units from the Certificate IV in Plumbing and Services available. These units can be completed by those with an interim licence in order to apply for the Full Gas Work Licence.
Full course information can be found here.

Type B Gas - Industrial Gas Appliance Courses

Type B Gas course
CPCPGS4023B Install, commission and service Type B gas appliances

Another option is industrial gas. In this sector, we have the Type B Gas Training course which will enable you to install, commission and service Type B Gas Appliances.

Read more about Type B training here.

Gas Stationary Engines Courses
UEPMNT368A Repair and Maintain Stationary gas fuelled reciprocating engines

UEPMNT367A Install and Commission stationary gas fuelled reciprocating engines

This course is specifically designed to be either a standalone course or an extension of the Type B Gas appliance course. Designed for participates who require these nationally accredited units so that may extend their qualifications.

Read more about this training program here.

CPCPPS5001B Design Industrial Gas Systems Advanced Type B Gas Course
If you already hold this authorisation, you may require an Advanced Type B Gas course which will enable you to design industrial gas systems.

Read more here.

Type B Gas Flue Course
Complete the Type B Gas flue course, which is a one day training course bringing you to a path to work on Type B Gas flues.

Read more here.


Delivery mode: 4 modules pre- eLearning + 6-8 days face 2 face
This course is designed to be conducted over a period of time, commencing with the completion of four (4) modules pre-eLearning education and assessments pdays facee 6- 8 days face to face in class delivery. The in class to complete the practical – practices and assessments

The pre- E-Learning is completed prior to attending the class face to face, therefore is flexible program, if you miss the first intake for the face to face sessions you can attend the next session which is usually the next month.
The pre-learning can be done anytime at your pace.

Course details

Students will work on a range of Type A gas appliances and cover the following:
Commercial / Domestic Type A gas appliance training:
– Gas fryers, woks, ranges, combi ovens intro
– Gas conveyor ovens, domestic gas appliances, hot water systems, CO/CO2 combustion checks
– Correct, testing, setup, disconnection and reconnection techniques
– Emphasis on commercial gas equipment
– Complex Type A gas appliances- zero governor/ forced and induced draft burners
– Combustion analysis
– Electronic burner safety management

Service education, maintenance and testing
– Commercial Domestic range, cooktops woks, ranges, fryers, salamander and other equipment
– Gas-Electrical servicing, commissioning and maintenance theory
– Correct testing procedures and methodology
– Thermocouple, thermostat, thermopile and electronic ignition training
– Back to the basics – refresher training/ service techniques
– The correct methods of bubble leak tests and using the correct pressures
– AS5601-1&2 and AS1596 how the codes affect safe installation and service
– Electrical with gas training, control circuits and complex gas systems

Written and practical assessments on a wide range of equipment.
All assessments follow Nationally Accredited training style.


Unit delivery days

Modules 1Carry out interactive workplace communicationCPCPCM2039A
Carry out WHS requirementsCPCPCM2043A
Provide basic emergency life supportHLTFA211A
Modules 2
Modules 3
Install gas pressure control equipmentCPCPGS3048A
Maintain Type A gas appliancesCPCPGS3052A
Modules 4Disconnect and reconnect Type A appliancesCPCPGS3053A
Calculate and install natural ventilation for Type A appliancesCPCPGS3054A
Size consumer gas piping systemsCPCPGS3057A
Purging consumer pipingCPCPGS3051A
Modules 5Carry out work based risk control processesCPCPCM4011A
Service Type A Gas appliancesCPCPGS4022A
Face to faceSix (6) day class practical week- including connecting the dots
from the eLearning, practices and practical assessments.
Additional theory requirements for the units not covered
within the Modules.
Practical all units as required


Payment Process:
Registration payment before early bird cut to receive an early discount
– Company Payment of Fees – due immediately
– Minimum deposit $1,500 on enrolment
– Students fee due in full prior to commencement
– Payment plans available.

Payment methods:
– Direct deposit
– BPay- Credit cards – Visa Master card 2% fee on invoice
– Business cheques on invoice


The participant is required to purchase the following which are NOT included in the fees above: These can be purchased at a discount rate from Bizmatrix (ask our team for prices) or SAI Global.
– Codes: AS5601.1:2013, AS/NZS1596-2014 and AS5601.2.2013
– PPE equipment – Correct safety clothing and safety glasses, safety boots and gear.
– Student is required to supply his or her own safety glasses, safety boots and clothing.
– The student is required to have access of notebook computer or laptop computer to use throughout the course (we only support these two items).

What is included in the training?
– All the relevant training aids to complete the units as listed
– Standards throughout the course only. AS5601-1-2013 AS5601-2-2013 AS1596
– Text book / reference materials gas fitting series 2 (included in fees)
– Technical reference manual
– Voyage of discovery tm Educational documents
– Student Manuals, E-Learning support materials and Assessments
– Basic Plumbing Services Skills Gas Service Cengage ISBN: 9780170361996 $77.95
– Basic Plumbing Services Skills (Revised) 2e ISBN: 9781486015535 $63.95


Who can do Gas Work Licence – Restricted to Service? (Queensland)
The course is open to anyone with a trade or industry qualification looking to gain further knowledge in servicing Type A gas appliances. This includes (but is not only for) licensed tradespersons within the electrical, mechanical fitters, electronics, metal work, appliance repairers, refrigeration and air-conditioning fields who are required to work on Type A gas appliances. There are no pre-requisites

How long will I hold this licence for? (Queensland)
In the first issue of Gas Work Licence – Restricted to Service will be limited to 3 years, then after that applicants can apply for a 6-year Restricted Gas Licence. The Gas Work Restricted to Service licence is valid for if you to maintain currency and renew by the due date, however, it must be renewed every 6 years which incurs a small fee each time. It is recommended to keep an experience log and carry out refresher training each year.


This course is a pathway to developing comprehension skills and knowledge of the commercial/domestic gas industry and will help you to further your career. Successful participants will receive a Statement of Attainment, which together with other relevant criteria will enable them to make an application to the state gas regulating authorities for a Gas Work Licence Restricted to Service (QLD)

On completion of the Gas Work Licence – Restricted to Service, the applicant may continue with the Full Gas Work Licence (Part A) Interim, incorporating a Certificate III in Gas Fitting.

All units studied in the Gas Work Licence – Restricted to Service will be credited towards the Certificate III in Gas Fitting.

Successful participants will receive:
· A Statement of Attainment in recognition with and conforming to the AQTF requirements
· Access to technical support and information
· Confidence in their ability to install, commission, service, repair and maintain commercial/ Industrial Type A gas appliances
· Greater knowledge of Type A gas appliances and equipment
· Personalised tuition – class sizes restricted to maximum 5-8 people
· Access to further training and information about the gas industry by becoming a member of the BIZMATRIX database

If you are unsure of which training course is right for you, speak to our team now on 1300 588 749 or email

Bizmatrix provide gas training in Type A and Type B Gas, Certificate III in Gas Fitting (optional apprenticeship), and Bosch Hot Water technical training. Our trainers have over 20 years of experience in the gas and electrical industry providing you with safe and reliable training methods, tailored to your learning needs.

Please select your preferred gas course for more information about gas training in Queensland.

You can read about training options here on our blog too.

Depending on your desired career path, Bizmatrix have a training course that will suit your needs.

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