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A taste tester ” How to video ” for a gas fitter

To refresh their pipe sizing capabilities.
The video was created using the previous standards AS/NZS 5601-1-2013,
however, the method of sizing has not changed-
Please use AS/NZS 5601.1.2022, which is the latest standard.

In this video -Sizing a natural gas pipework

Copper pipework, single gas pressure  gas system to several gas appliances 

In our courses following the video, we have a self-marking pipe sizing assessment.

Please note we include the standards free with every course- the cost is included in the fees.

CPCPGS4011 Design and size consumer Gas Installations
CPCPCM Estimate and Cost Work

For the Estimate and Cost Work/Design and Size units, are separate courses to be completed online with virtual online classes to support the students. The Size and Design and Estimate and Cost work subjects
For more information and enrolment details – follow here 

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