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Overview of the Restricted Electrical Licence: 

Disconnect / Reconnect Versus Locate and rectify.

Did you know a Restricted Electrical Licence with only disconnect & Reconnect, will only allow Disconnect and reconnect?

No fault finding, diagnoses or repairs allowed? let me explain

 Disconnect & Reconnect Only Licence:

    • Scope: Allows the holder to safely disconnect an appliance from power for repairs and reconnect it once repaired or replace it with an identical model. This licence applies strictly to the appliance types relevant to the holder’s trade and qualifications.
    • Availability:
      • Victoria: Class 2 – Restricted Electrical Workers Licence DR only.
      • Other States: General Disconnect & Reconnect only licence.
  1. Disconnect & Reconnect and Locate & Rectify Licence:
    • Scope: In addition to the basic disconnect and reconnect functions, this licence allows for diagnosing and repairing faults in low voltage electrical appliances.
    • Availability:
      • Victoria: Class 1 – Restricted Electrical Workers Licence DR and LR.
      • Other States: Comprehensive licence covering both disconnecting/reconnecting and locating/rectifying.

Purpose of the Licence: As industries evolve, professionals such as plumbers, gas fitters, and HVAC technicians often find themselves needing to handle electrical components like hot water systems and motors within their trade work. This licence aims to streamline their operations by eliminating the need to hire electricians for basic tasks, thereby reducing both time and costs.

Eligibility and Requirements:

  • Prerequisites: A minimum of a Certificate III in a relevant trade (e.g., plumbing, gas fitting, refrigeration, or mechanical fitting) and progress towards or possession of pertinent certifications.
  • Licence Usage: Allows for the disconnection and reconnection of electrical appliances and the performance of basic electrical fault diagnostics and repairs, adhering to the specific voltage limitations set by the licence or training permit conditions.

Specific Training and Application Procedures:

  • Queensland: Applicants must secure an electrical permit from the Electrical Safety Office to detail the units they are permitted to study.
  • Victoria: Applicants should apply through ESVConnect and await an advice letter from Energy Safe Victoria (ESV) before attending courses.

 Authorised Units for Different Trades:

  • Plumbers: Focus on hot water systems.
  • Gas Fitters: Specialize in Type A or Type B gas appliances.
  • Mechanical Fitters: Concentrate on motor-related units.
  • HVAC Technicians: Restricted to units pertinent to refrigeration and air-conditioning systems.
  • Other Trades: Coverage depends on the incidental electrical work needed.

Core Units Available:

  1. UEECD0007 – Apply Occupational Health and Safety regulations in the workplace.
  2. UEERL0003 – Conduct in-service safety testing of electrical cord-connected equipment.
  3. UEERL0004 – Disconnect and reconnect electrical equipment connected to low-voltage wiring.
  4. UEERL0005 – Locate and rectify faults in low-voltage electrical equipment.
  5. UEERL0001 – Attach cords and plugs to equipment for connection to a 230V supply.
  6. UEERL0002 – Attach cords and plugs for connection up to 1000 V AC or 1500 V DC.

Regulatory and Training Information: This licence is tailored to the specific needs of the trade and is not interchangeable across different trades. The high-risk nature of electrical work necessitates rigorous training.

Contact Information: For further details or to initiate the application process, call us directly 1300 588 749 or visit our website for detailed information and links

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