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Gas Stationary Engines or Should it be Type B gas Appliances or Not to be Type B gas Appliances That is the question!


Now open  commencing with online then the Face-to-face 1st -5th JULY 2024

GSE-2-2024 Gas Stationary Engines Course:(SERVICE & INSTALL) – 2024

Just want to Install, commission and or just Service Maintain Gas Stationary engines, and the Gas Engines are less than 5 gig 

then this is the right course for you 

As your gas career grows, there are so many opportunities to niche into a particular area of gas. That’s one of the reasons why we love having a trade so much. 

In Queensland, Gas stationary engines are utilised in Type B gas situations and are considered Type B gas appliances. In many cases, the technician may only require a qualification to Install, commission and service/maintain gas stationary engines to 5 Gig/J. 

If this is the case, and they only work on Gas Stationary Engines to 5GigJ then we cater for a course with these two units

UEPMNT368  Repair and maintain stationary gas-fuelled reciprocating engines

UEPMNT367 Install and commission stationary gas-fuelled reciprocating engines

There are so many different jobs involved in one offering. Working with gas stationary engines will allow you to install, commission, and service gas stationary engines. Gas basics, testing principles, gas safety, and best practice is taught in this course. 

We take a look at what’s compliant in a technical submission, the installation process, and testing. It’s so important for gas stationary engines to be installed and maintained correctly, so we go into depth about this process.

We have several Gas Stationary engines, that simulate the larger 4 MW counterparts with the different positive and negative pressure gas fuel supply systems using the Lambda monitoring system.

We have compiled some frequently asked questions about this course to help you better understand what’s on offer:

Who is eligible to complete this course?

  • You are required to complete and confirm competency in the following units as a pre-requisite before commencement and attending either of the Gas Stationary Engine units.
    •  CPCCWHS1001 – Work safely in the Construction Industry (Statement of Attainment)
    •  HLTAID001 – Provide Cardiopulmonary resuscitation – Perform CPR or equivalent.
    Note: These units are not included however will be required to commence and to fulfill the Gas Stationary Engine unit prerequisite requirements.

Is a Gas Stationary Engine a Type B gas appliance?

Yes,  however this course and the units cover Install and Commission, Repair and Maintain stationary gas-fuelled reciprocating engines to a maximum size of 5 GJ/hr.

If you are required to install and service stationary gas engines more than 5 GJ/hr then we recommend you consider the Bizmatrix Type B Gas Course CPCPGS4023 Install, commission, and service Type B gas Appliances

When I complete the Gas Stationary Engine course can I install and service any Type B gas appliance?

No, the Gas Stationary Engine courses whether it be Install & Commission and or Service and Maintain, solely covers Gas Stationary Engines to 5 GJ/hr and only Gas Stationary Engines.

What does the Gas Stationary Course Cover – does it cover the engine?

The course blends the two units Installation/Commissioning and Repair and Maintenance. As well as the basics in gas systems, to underpin the knowledge and skills specific to the Gas Stationary Engine gas systems. 

UEPMNT368  Repair and maintain stationary gas-fuelled reciprocating engines

UEPMNT367 Install and commission stationary gas-fuelled reciprocating engine

The focus of the Gas Stationary Engine course – mainly covers the gas section of the appliance, from the gas supply, valve train, gas regulators, zero pressure regulators, overpressure protection, correct operation, tuning emissions, gas rates, purge time and purge volume, the basic engine manage systems gas safety compliance, gas submission, checking exhaust gases, ventilation/ exhausts, valve train testing, correct gas rates and tuning the gas, setting high and low-pressure switches, correct ventilation, complying to Section 5.8 in AS/NZS3814. Types of engines, OPSO and OPP regulators, multi-bloc valves, and working safely with generators. Basic maintenance checks and service techniques.

This course will not teach you the mechanics of the gas stationary engine.

How is the course delivered?

The course commences on signing up with the first module online to cover the majority of the pre-learning theory on all the gas basics, including the Type A gas systems, all about gas, safety systems, gas rates, pipe sizing, calculating ventilation, regulators, leak testing, the valve train, different engines, the gas systems and multi-bloc valves and more.

The Online module also includes the legislative requirements and specifics in AS3814 section 5.8.

The online work is completed before the attendance of the face-to-face. The face-to-face is completed over (5) day period and on the successful completion, we will issue you with a statement of attainment with the two nationally accredited units.

If you are interested in learning more, chat with our team via email or call us on 1300 588 749 or read more about this course here. 

We are now taking sign-ups now open- commencing now for the face-to-face practical in JULY 2024 , with limited availability.

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