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One of the most popular foundation courses that we provide at Bizmatrix is the Type B Gas Fitting training course CPCPGS4023B Install, commission and service Type B gas appliances. This particular course will teach you to install and service Type B appliances while fully complying with relevant industry standards. The Type B course will allow students to learn about different kinds of industrial gas appliances — these types of appliances require a particular skill set and relevant knowledge. If you are interested in conducting gas fitting in an industrial setting, this is the perfect course for you.

Take a look at some of the outcomes that are expected from students who have completed one of the CPCPGS4023B Type B Gas Training Courses at Bizmatrix:
– Interpreting pre-existing design specifications
– Acquiring all of the necessary official approvals
– Making necessary preparations for work
– Performing installations of gas system components
– Testing as well as adjusting Type B appliances
– Completing work finalization processes

Who is the Type B Gas Course Intended For?

Generally speaking, the Type B Course is intended for individuals who are looking to upgrade their skills and qualifications for industrial gas fitting. Type B gas appliances include large water boilers in hotels or apartment buildings, gas fired package burners, industrial fryers, gas furnaces, etc. Most appliances that are used in an industrial or commercial setting fall into the Type B appliance category.

In order to attend this course at Bizmatrix, individuals must fulfill a certain number of prerequisites. In particular, they must hold a Registered or Full Electrical License or be qualified before the course officially begins. In this sense, students normally have a background in electrical work, plumbing or conducting Type A Gas Fitting.

Outcomes Type B Gas Fitting Courses

At Bizmatrix, we offer a combination of online learning and onsite training. Generally speaking, our course attendees are requested to complete the online module before commencing the onsite training. The training sessions organized by a member of our team are generally 10 days long (spread out over 3 weeks). Throughout this time, our participants are kindly requested to provide their own supplies: a digital multimeter, national grade clear safety glasses as well as footwear that is steel capped. This, in addition to paper and a pen, will be sufficient throughout the entire course. Finally, once the course has been completed, our students will receive an official Statement of Attainment by Bizmatrix which then allows them to apply for relevant licensing.

At Bizmatrix, we have years of experience conducting a wide variety of gas fitting modules for students throughout Queensland. Over the years, we have acquired a reputation for being thorough and providing some of the best quality gas fitting training and skills in Australia. If you are interested in finding out more about industrial, Type B Gas appliances and learning all you need to know from top-class professionals, contact us today for more information. Our team is always happy to answer any and all questions you might have, so feel free to call us today at 1 300 588 749!

Type B Gas Appliance Course

Nationally Recognized TrainingThis unit is selected from CPC40912 Certificate IV in Plumbing and Service. The unit to be complete is: CPCPGS4023B Install, commission and service Type B gas appliances.  The unit is delivered by qualified, experienced and industry current trainers/assessors. Each student will receive a comprehensive training manual, Voyage Of Discovery Manual a technical time machine of Type B information to guide them on their training journey, with real life theoretical training scenarios and simulators.

Who can do it?

The Type B Gas Course can be completed by those looking to learn about industrial gas fitting or seeking to expand their qualifications, upskill, increase their professional development on Type B industrial gas appliances installing, commissioning and servicing Type B industrial gas appliances in the plumbing, gas and electrical sector.

Type B gas appliances are typically large industrial gas appliances including: gas fired package burners, water and steam boilers found in large apartment blocks, industrial processing plants and dry cleaners. A Type B gas appliance is an appliance or system where there is no certification scheme to cover the testing of the appliance.

Other Type B gas appliances include, industrial fryers found at snack food processing plants, gas fired furnaces, gas turbines found at the Roma gas fields, Chinchilla gas plants or the natural gas power stations. Type B gas burners found in powder coated ovens, immersion heaters for heating the natural gas from the wells to gas burners to process aluminum or gas fired kilns. Small Type B high-pressure gas prawn cookers found on the fishing trawlers.

To undertake Type B gas work, the applicant must be authorised before working on any Type B gas system. This gas training unit (CPCPGS4023B) is one of the requirements for the application for authorisation in Queensland and for other states in Australia

Type B Gas Course InfoType B gas Course Information


Requirements Restricted Electrical permit or Electrical License required to receive a Statement of Attainment
Education & training 10-14 days
E-Learning first 2-7 days
Correspondence? No
Nationally recognised? Yes
Subject Unit CPCPGS4023B Install,Commission and Service Type B gas Appliances.


An appliance, with gas consumption in excess of 10 MJ/h, for which a certification scheme does not exist (applicable in Australia only).

NOTE: A Type A  gas appliance when used in an industrial/commercial application for which it was not intended is considered to be part of a Type B appliance. An example of this is a certified direct-fired air heater used as the heating/ventilating device in a spray/bake paint booth.

The gas pipework to the appliance is considered Type A gas work, therefore the Type B authorisation / approval qualification does not allow you to work on Type A gas appliances, and you are not authorised to install pipework, cylinders etc. to the Type B appliance, as this is considered Type A gas work.

The applicant must have a restricted electrical license, electrical permit or an equivalent electrical qualification  to receive the Statement of Attainment on completing the unit.

OR: If you do not already have the above qualifications, we now offer Type B Gas course blended restricted electrical training course (however please ensure you have a base trade of calling to be eligible to apply for the permit, otherwise 5 years of unstructured experience) which can be embedded in the Type B gas training. Otherwise if you have an electrical work permit for training to be enrolled in the suitable course.

  • Pre-course pack completed via correspondence or e-learning before commencing in class. 
  • Onsite training, 10 days in total at Brisbane training centre (5 days Monday to Friday with a week break in between, then return for 5 days Monday to Friday).


  • CPCPGS4023B Install, commission and service Type B gas appliances
    Optional for those who don’t hold a restricted electrical licence:

  • UEENEEE101A Apply Occupational Health and Safety regulations, codes and practices in the workplace
  • UEENEEP010A Disconnect / reconnect appliances connected to low voltage installation wiring (230Vac)
  • UEENEEP016A Locate and rectify faults in low voltage appliances using set procedures (230Vac)
  • UEENEEP026A Conduct in-service safety testing of electrical cord connected equipment and cord assemblies


10- 14  Day Type B Gas Course


10 Days



10 Days


Optional for those who don’t hold a restricted electrical licence:

Restricted Electrical Unit Cluster


4 Days



Bizmatrix Type B Gas Course in Brisbane is held in Brendale.

Unit 52-53/193 South Pine Road, Brendale, Queensland

Training courses in Brisbane are held monthly.

Type B Gas training in Gladstone

Training location- Mobile Training Facilities available.

Courses in Gladstone are arranged on demand

Type B Gas training in Sydney locations vary.

Training is offered annually.

Type B Gas training in Canberra locations vary.

Training is offered annually.

The Darwin facility

Bizmatrix Mobile Resources

Price on Application


    BRISBANE- Type B Gas Training -2020 Courses Dates


    ### Due to the COVID -19- The type B gas courses now have more online and only 5 days face to face – with the face to face to be programmed when the situation is clear,  

  • TYBG-2-BNE-2020 – May 2020 (Face to face Postponed ) Training Course Brisbane:  Online e-learning  Now Six 6 Modules  and only 5  face to face sessions –-Tentative dates only – 11-15 May 2020
  • TYBG-3-BNE-2020 – June 2020  Training Course Brisbane (Condensed program – 5 days):  (Online e-learning 6 modules)  + 5 days face to face sessions –Practical Week  8-12 June 2020
  • Enrollments – now open.

Name Date Time Location Available Spaces Cost
TYBG-5-BNE-2020 Type B Gas Course EL 10 days AUGUST- SEPTEMBER (Week 1)-24-28th AUG) (Week-2 ) 7-11th SEPT ) 07:30 am - 04:00 pm Unit 53/193 South Pine Road, Brendale QLD 9 $4,600.00
TYBG-2-BNE-2020 Type B Gas Course Brisbane (April Intake F2F TBA) Online first-then Face to Face TBA 07:30 am - 04:00 pm Bizmatrix BRENDALE Training Rooms - TYBG-2-BNE-2020 2 $4,600.00
TYBG-3-EL-BNE-2020 - Type B Gas Course -Elearn 7days F2F June 2020 BRISBANE Online first-then Face to Face TBA 07:30 am - 05:00 pm Unit 53/193 South Pine Road, Brendale QLD 9 $4,600.00
TYBG-4-BNE-2020 Type B Gas Course EL 10 days JUNE intake Online first-then Face to Face TBA 07:30 am - 04:00 pm Unit 53/193 South Pine Road, Brendale QLD- TYBG-4-BNE-2020 8 $4,600.00

    SYDNEY- Type B Gas Courses Dates – 2020

  • Enquire now for dates. We are now taking expression of interest applications for the next Type B Gas Course in Sydney. 
Name Date Time Location Available Spaces Cost

    DARWIN- Type B Gas Courses Dates – Contact us-

  • Please contact us for expressions of interest – Dates could be around July 2020  
Name Date Time Location Available Spaces Cost
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