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Become A Gas Fitter: Career Pathway

It is not uncommon to reach a certain period of your life and be ready for a change. When we realise that the job we’ve worked in for the past 20 years has become stale and monotonous. It’s time to do something different. Becoming a gas fitter is a popular career change for many tradespeople. …

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COAG Hydrogen Strategy: Changes & Updates

Do you drive a car? Well, listen up. The Council of Australian Governments has released its new hydrogen strategy. It is bringing the development of cleaner energy to the forefront. So how does this impact the gas industry, and Australia’s climate change? Let’s take a look.   How is Hydrogen made? Hydrogen is considered a …

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risk assessment routine
Assessing the risks

Make Risk Assessment A Routine, Here’s Why…

It’s certainly no secret that risk assessments and Safe Work Method Statements should be a daily process. But we can easily build up a love-hate relationship with risk assessments. Now I want to speak about something that is still a little raw for me (and my broken leg/ankle). The importance of continually doing risk assessments/and …

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restricted Electrical Permit
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A detailed guide to applying for Restricted Electrical Permit

In this post, we’re going to go through the steps required to apply for a Restricted Electrical Permit in Queensland in 2019. This guide also includes: A detailed explanation of Form 21 Steps for getting your permit approved So if you need an electrical permit, you’ll love this new guide. Let’s dive right in.   …

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Alert: for all Gas Fitters Suspension of AGA4624–Suburban RV/Caravan gas fueled water heaters

Over the past few weeks we have received many calls from Gasfitters and end users regarding the suspension of the Suburban Gas Hot Water Units.  To date, the AGA and the certificate holder Coast to Coast have been working together with the ACCC for a solution, with no resolved conclusion currently found. If the hot …

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Gas Work Licence

What Should You Expect? – Bizmatrix Alumnus Gives An Honest Recount Of His Time at Bizmatrix

Gas Fitter/Plumber Kurt Lewis gives candid insight into how his career has grown and changed over the years and what practical part his training at Bizmatrix played  Often when investing time and money into training, it can be hard to gauge what kind of experience you will have with a course beyond description. So, Bizmatrix …

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