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Bizelearn to Face to face returns – with Restricted electrical & Test and tag- Added safety measures

Bizelearn to Face to face returns – with Restricted electrical & Test and tag- Added safety measures

We are back !  to the future

or is to the past!

Bizmatrix Face to face training is resuming now!

Yesterday we set up our first area to return to face to face training, commencing with our test and tag course.

As I was setting up the area, it reminded me of a cruise I was on several years ago before you went to dinner the attendants would say ” washy washy” and then spray our hands with sanitizer. Which will now become a part of our daily life.

Limited face to face class numbers-

Some additional changes, we have limited the numbers in each classroom practical area.  To assist us with teh social distancing rules.

We have concentrated the onsite face to face training to 80% practical.

Over the past few weeks, we extracted the theory from the practical days and delivered the learnings through our face to face online BBB- Virtual class.

Additionally, we have added, around 30 hrs of video instructional, the virtual video instructional, where the student may view the lesson or specific lesson when convenient or repeated if they require.

The online virtual video sessions include Ohms Law, “ PIV and VIR are my friends” How to do pipe sizing a three video series on the process, with samples and examples to support the student.

More learner support online

Each week, the various trainers conduct, BBB-Virtual classes, where they review a topic or conduct a lesson, live face to face online, the session is recorded and available for any students on the course that may have missed the session or may need to review the lesson.

We have also taken the redesign several courses, interfacing the online World, with the progressive bite-size learning methods, where the students complete the projects and online work over a period and the trainers provide regular support.

The biggest positives, the students are enjoying the changes and enjoy the support and added learner support from the online videos, Virtual online classes and the access to the trainers.

The good news is the return to the face to face classes, in the pictures below – we set up the first training this week.

Following the recommended – Covid-19 protocols, we have limited the Test and tag classes to a maximum of six per session, located each student an area and allocated their own set of test toolboxes and equipment.

With an introduction of a pre-declaration and sanitising procedures during the face to face period. We have allocated safe distance rules, sanitation stations and placed many signs around the centre for instructions on hand washing, hand sanitation and social distancing.

Each attendee will be temperature checked in the morning prior to being allowed to enter or proceed into the training centre. This test and with the signed declaration

We have inserted the additional procedures/ declarations and into our AA1- Student and Team Induction, JSA and SWMS.

It is important we stay safe in this period, and will allow us to start returning to the face to face.

The return to Bizmatrix face to face- Training

Proposed return plan, is to commence the face to face roll out with

  • Test and tag , Restricted electrical starting 12th May 2020- May – June dates published
  • Gas Stationary Engines- 1st -4th June 2020
  • Restricted gas licence courses and Full gas licence courses – June- July Commencement.
  • Type B gas Courses face facing July, August ( New 5 day face to face session)

In all cases, there is a requirement to complete the online e-learning work prior. Each course has a different requirement. For existing students, you will be notified of the face to face dates as they are published over the next two weeks.

These dates are dependant on the current Government guidelines and may change should the Government, return to lockdown restrictions.

We will be monitoring the situation each week and will maintain communications.

For any new students or anyone wanting to sign up. We will provide an estimate on the proposed face to face dates.

To cater for the backlog of existing students there will be an increase and frequency of classes as above commencing now and this will continue throughout July and beyond and until the restrictions are eased further.

Our aim is to keep our students and team safe at all times, we look forward in seeing you soon.


Darrel Vecchio CEO Bizmatrix


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