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Embrace the Online Training

Embrace the Online Training

Even though in April 2020 we have temporarily paused the face to face training, our online training has continued for our existing and newly enrolled students.

We introduced a new feature to online e-learning through bizelearn.com.au, which we call the BBB- Big Blue Button Virtual Online class. Where each course has a BBB-Virtual class session/s, where the students can attend the virtual class from anywhere, should they miss the virtual presentation, they have access to the sessions recording to view at a later stage.

All our educators have been working hard in the background to create additional Video lessons and online learning/ assessment that focus on the practical day’s theory. The aim is to extract the theory component from the face to face days, then we reduce the face to face days.

We commenced with the Test and tag course, Our trainers Mark and Charlie delivered an online BBB- Virtual class with 10 students a mix of Restricted electrical and test and tag only students., They delivered three topics being 1-Safety/ Legislation, 2-Ohms Law PIV & VIR are my Friends and then   3-How to use the Sea wood PAT Tester.

Following the Virtual session, the students will attend the face to face session. The BBB- Session has help reduce the practical day from a full day to just a half day of practical face to face.

The next course is the Restricted electrical courses, where we have increased the video how to content, where it will assist in reducing the face to face to around 1-2 days less. Or increasing the hands on practical in each session.

Then the restricted electrical logbooks, we are investigating ways to get the students to provide video evidence for the logbook verification again to reduce the time in travelling to our centre and being off work or away from home for any longer than is required.

Our Type B gas course- CPCPGS4023B Install, commission and service Type B gas Appliances , we have increased the bizelearn.com.au online training to seven (7) online modules with set key completion dates and only five (5) days face to face concentrated practical training and assessment.  Previously the second week of Type B gas course was five days of mostly Face to face and still had a session with some theory, with the new structure there will be more practice and practice time and a total focus during the five days with practical training and assessments.

This learning process increases the learnings, knowledge and skills over a longer period and helps with improving the learner’s competence with their knowledge and skills. But the biggest benefit- less time away from work more time learning and earning.

Some say “ I learn better in class, as I can interact with everyone… “This is correct; however, many students cannot keep up with the pace of the presentation in class. We have created the Virtual class by providing short videos tutorials, where the student has the power to pause, rewind and repeat the session. As well as the BBB- Virtual face to face class sessions, where there is an opportunity to get clarification and to interact with other students.

Over the next few weeks, we will be programming a new training learning journey for each course.

With weekly or regular Virtual class sessions for each course type, there will be set dates to achieve milestone for each stage of the course. The aim will be to attend the final stage the face to face.


The Eight (8) Ways to successfully Adapt to Online E-Learning

What is the best way to adapt to this new World of online and Virtual Learning?

  1. It is vital before you begin to have no preconceived ideas a good attitude to learning.
    • Have the passion to learn something new.
    • Have some fun with the learning journey.
    • Look at learning something new each session.
    • Focus on succeeding.
  2. Focus on the end game– Your AIMS , What you want to achieve..
  3. Have a positive attitude to online learning. Embrace it.
  4. Book time for you and plan your journey.
    • Talk to your employer for learning time … This is an investment.
    • Invest in your own time training sessions.
  5. Learn how to do online training?
    • How to use the e-learning platform.
    • How to navigate and where to go.
    • How to see your Progress & Grades .
    • Who to contact and how to contact?
    • Reward yourself at each stage.
    • Have a can-do attitude…
  6. Go with the flow and understand the positives.
    • More quality time learning.
    • Its flexible and more efficient.
    • Less time face to face – reduces costs.
    • Access to the training anytime.
    • The training starts now.
  7. Better learning and absorption of learning.
    • Gives you time to understand the information.
    • The online learning is delivered:
      • Video instructions.
      • Via a trainer.
      • Through sample examples.
      • Hands on practical with real equipment. (ability to repeat the lesson anytime)
  1. Online learning gives you more education
    • You can review it more than once.
    • Repeat the sessions, whenever you want.
    • Helps you increase your skills and knowledge by around 12% which in turn will contribute to your pay-packet and productivity


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