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Restricted Electrical Type B Gas Students


Restricted Electrical – Type B Gas Students

The Restricted Electrical Licence Course blended with Type B Gas training is open those looking to up-skill and gain a Type B authorisation with a Restricted Electrical Licence in relation to the Type B skill set.

Who can do it?

There are no pre-requisites for this training program due the blended option available, this enables you to complete restricted electrical training and obtain a license using Type B gas as your base trade.

Information about the Type B Gas Course can be found here.


If the training is blended with the Bizmatrix Type B gas course- no permit is required. Please advise upon sign up if you have a base trade or calling.

Delivery mode

The training delivery time will vary; it will depend on the quality of electrical subjects or units.  Each program has a blended delivery with E-learning on line components approximately 3-4 days of online theory and 3-5 days of comprehensive practical training on site at Bizmatrix Training Centre, Brendale.

The student must complete the online training within 3 months and attend the practical within a month after the online training- the E-Learning and face-to-face training must be completed not prior to 1 month and within 6 months.

We also offer tailored training, where the training maybe completed onsite in your work.

The student is required to complete the online training and assessment before attending the practical training and assessment days. For the logbook students, the logbook is to be completed after the attendance of the practical in class training.

Information and Registration sheet available when you register or follow this link Bizmatrix restricted electrical information

Course code


Units covered

Blended Skillset (Type B Gas Course REL) Units for skill set DR & LR 230Vac
UEENEEE101A Apply Occupational Health and Safety regulations, codes and practices in the workplace
UEENEEP010A Disconnect / reconnect appliances connected to low voltage installation wiring (230Vac)
UEENEEP016A-Locate and rectify faults in low voltage appliances using set procedures (230Vac)

Included in our training:
UEENEEP026A Conduct in-service safety testing of electrical cord connected equipment and cord assemblies

If you would like extra units you are then required to apply for a restricted electrical permit to be eligible for it.

Course dates

You may sign up for this course at any time of the year and commence online theory. Practical dates occur monthly 5 days per month, allowing flexibility for student to attend different sessions.

  • Upcoming in class dates: Face to Face Practical Classes

T-T= Test and tag

LR- Locate rectify faults practical day
DR= Disconnect & reconnect day
Restricted Electrical Blended with Type B Gas Training $1,900 GST FREE Selection 2
Type B Gas Course $4,100 GST FREE per unit Selection 3

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