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Making Your Home Safe on a Budget

Making Your Home Safe on a Budget

Date: 6 January 2015

Creating a secure home is one of the most important things to consider to ensure you, your family and your possessions stay safe and secure. Here are 10 tips to implement to maintain a safe home on a small budget, increasing your peace of mind and creating a safer environment.

1. Set up an in-home alarm system for intruders

When you go out, set the alarm so that if someone is to enter the alarm will go off and notify you.

2. Apply alarm stickers on windows to warn intruders that there is an alarm system

Notify intruders on windows and gates that there is an alarm system set up. Many alarm companies sell stickers to apply to windows and doors.

3. Secure all windows and doors

Ensure all windows and doors are fitted with locks and bars if need be, on the ground/first level.

4. Increase lighting and install motion-triggered sensors to light up when someone is around

When walking through the garden, set up motion-triggered sensors to light up when someone is around.

5. Trim bushes

Enable further vision so that if an intruder is approaching you can see them from afar.

6. Secure interior garage door

Often the door in the garage is not a secure door, however if someone is to enter via the garage this makes entering into a home very easy. Ensure that this door is securely fitted with a good lock.

7. Upgrade locks and doors.

Each year do a check on each door to make sure that all locks are functioning well and secure.

8. Check your car security.

Ensure that your car is locked, left under a light and that you do not leave anything that would attack intruders inside. Leaving your car under a light makes it safer when you return at night to the parked car so you have more vision of who is around and others can see you too.

9. Get timed lights if you plan on going on holidays

If you plan on being away for an extended period of time, ensure that you have set up timed lights so that intruders cannot recognise if someone is home or not.

10. Install kick plates for doors that are weak or prone to being kicked in.

Reinforce doors with kick plates giving extra security for the door so that they cannot be kicked in.

Through making these changes, you can protect your family from unwanted intruders along with saving your possessions.


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