Products we sell: At Bizmatrix, our number one priority is staying safe, because we understand how dangerous the risks and hazards associated with gas and electrical work can be. Dealing every day with gas and electrical appliances, we have first-hand experience toward the need for high quality, safety gear and work equipment at a reasonable price.

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Book distribution: Bizmatrix recommend that students purchase prior to commencing their course the relevant Australian standards as listed or access to these standards outlined below. Bizmatrix can provide details about where to access codes and standards, please contact a team member now for more information.

Course catalogue:

Bizmatrix courses and catalogues can be found here.

Student Handbook:

Download your copy of the student handbook here now. The Bizmatrix Student Handbook is your copy of all training information and policies which are important for you to know prior to commencing training. Please read through the handbook carefully and don’t hesistate to ask us if you have any further questions.

Privacy Disclaimer:

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Codes Required (latest version):

Restricted Electrical Course

AS/NZS 3760:20XX
AS/NZS 4836-20XX

Test and Tag

AS/NZS 3760:20XX

Restricted Gas Course


Type B Gas Course

AS1375 Industrial fuel fired appliances
AS2593 Boilers- unattended and limited attendance
AS/NZS3000 Electrical installations
AS/NZS4836-2011 Safe working near live low voltage
AS5601.part 1 Gas Installations
AS3814 Industrial and commercial gas appliances

Certificate III Gas Fitting

AS5601-20XX Part 1 & 2
AS4563, AS1596

Bizmatrix sell all codes and standards required for training, contact or call 1300 588 749 to order your copy.


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