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The consequences of not working safely

The consequences of not working safely

Over the past few months there has been several electrical fatalities. The consequences of not working safely have never been more pertinent. Recently a refrigeration mechanic sustained a fatal electric shock whilst working on a warehouse roof. Apparently he was unlicensed. 

If the employer doesn’t have a robust system and has all his checks in place, then it will not be a good outcome when this comes to be investigated.

If this was in fact the case, the employer has failed to comply with several ACTS including the WHS Act, the Electrical Safety Act and Electrical Safety Regulations not to mention obligations as a PCBU and Electrical contractor. These may include:

•  Failing to do a risk assessment.
•  Failing to provide safety equipment.
•  What procedures did the employer provide.
•  Allowing his worker to do unlicensed work and possibly more. 

The consequences they are dire, someone has lost their life. 

Yes there will be fines and the possibly loss of licences and of course the likelihood of jail time. And all of this was preventable. 

On a recent course, one of the students who was a self employed business owner in the trades in Albury was complaining about doing the paperwork and the risk assessments during the course. I asked him what paperwork he did for his business. He says he doesn’t do paperwork as he hates paperwork. So basically he has no proof of what tests or procedures he completed or installed.

The sad thing is, when something goes wrong due to missing a critical test or check – he will have no evidence and only have himself to blame. Sometimes we do not know what we don’t know….

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  • Tyler Johnson
    April 1, 2021, 2:47 am REPLY

    That’s a good idea to get a safety assessment. I could see that being useful. I’ll have to consider getting an electrician to help me with that.

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