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We Can Help You Apply for Funding

We Can Help You Apply for Funding

Bizmatrix in partnership with an Australian apprenticeship centre are now taking applications for funding toward the Certificate III in Gas Fitting Apprenticeship program. Our team will meet with interested employers to assess their eligibility to organise the relevant funding applications/approvals. Funding is available for both you available for both you and you employer.

Here’s our we can help you apply for funding.

The application process required is:

1. You must have an employer

2. Apply through apprenticeship centre

3. Mutual agreement is signed between employer, apprentice, RTO, QLD Department of Training and Employment and Sarina Russo Apprenticeships

Are you over 25? Even better!

You are eligible for a further $4,000 worth of funding towards this apprenticeship program. Funding is on offer to identify skills and maximise training outcomes, helping you to improve your workforce skills.

Bizmatrix can assist you in preparing your application.

What are you waiting for, go ahead and apply now! 


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