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Type B Gas Course Queensland

Bizmatrix offer the Type B Gas Course in Brisbane and Gladstone for those looking to specialize in Type B industrial gas. This training course is a 10 day onsite training course with a Type B pre-course pack to be complete prior. The Type B Gas Course is an interactive training approach, training students to work on appliances such as gas fired package burners, water and steam boilers found in large apartment blocks, industrial processing plants and dry cleaners.

Students will understand how to work on Type B gas appliances, where there is no certification scheme to cover the testing of the appliance. Our gas training course will give you an in-depth understanding toward a range of appliances and enable you to feel confident onsite and in all circumstances. This training course will leave you with a higher level of knowledge than the required Type B Gas level of knowledge which will benefit you in the workplace, due to working with such high risk appliances.

Contact us now to find out about the Type B gas training course, or see further details about gas training here now.


Why Type B Gas?

Type B Gas is used in industrial plants and requires a gas work authorisation to be worked on. A company can hold the authorisation under their name otherwise each individual can hold it. Students with all different backgrounds have completed this course as if a gas appliance is deemed to be industrial, this is the only licence which covers the requirement.


How long will it take for me to complete Type B Gas?

The Type B Gas Course is 10 days onsite at Bizmatrix training centre. There are about 2-3 days of E-Learning required to be completed prior to onsite training too. If you already hold a restricted electrical permit or licence you are then able to apply for your Gas Work Authorisation straight away.


Can I work on Type A Gas with this authorisation too?

No sorry! They Type A and Type B gas licences are two completely separate licences. In this training program we will cover the fundamentals of gas however it will not be enough for you to apply for your Type A Gas licence. If you would like to work on domestic and commercial Type A Gas (the path to becoming a full gas fitter) you will need to complete a Certificate III in Gas Fitting, full details can be found here.


Is this training nationally recognised?

Yes! All Bizmatrix training programs are nationally recognised unless otherwise stated. The Type B Gas Course can be completed in all states of Australia and is recognised throughout Australia. We work closely with government departments and have Advanced Type B and Type B Flues courses on offer too.


Can I sign up now?

Yes. You can sign up at any time and begin. We offer this training course bi-monthly therefore speak to our team about which course you can complete practical training with. Complete the enquire now form to hold your place or call us on 1300 588 749 or email us at info@bizmatrix.com.au


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