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Are you Eligible: Type B Gas Course ?

Are you Eligible: Type B Gas Course ?

Have you considered completing the Type B Gas course, but aren’t sure if you are eligible? We can help you determine your eligibility through a simple check list. Ask yourself the following questions and together we can figure out your eligibility.


1.Do you currently hold a Restricted Electrical Licence or Full Electrical Licence?

If you already hold a licence, you can pass “GO!” and commence your Type B Gas Course! Sign up here now to secure your spot in one of our up and coming training programs.


2. If not, do you have a base trade of calling?

This is a requirement as all those who hold a Type B Gas Authorisation in Queensland must also obtain the minimum of a Restricted Electrical Permit. You will use this base trade of calling to apply for a restricted electrical permit, the form can be found here.


3. If you do not have a licence or base trade of calling, do you have now 3 years of unstructured experience?

Form 21 required for application of a restricted electrical permit outlines the following:
“You may submit evidence that you have completed at least three years experience in a calling that requires the performance of electrical work. Choose your calling from the list above and write it in the space provided. If you cannot demonstrate experience in one of the listed callings you may not be eligible for a restricted electrical work licence. In this case, you may wish to discuss options for an appropriate apprenticeship/traineeship with a registered training organisation.
You will need to supply evidence of your experience. Evidence should include qualifications, course certificates, and statements from your employer or a statutory declaration from a self employed person outlining your five years experience in a calling.If you can demonstrate that you have at least five years experience in a calling that requires the performance of electrical work and have not trained or have insufficient training in the performance of electrical work then you will be issued with an electrical work training permit and will be required to contact an SRTO to coordinate training to qualify for a licence.”
Full outline and details can be found on the form here.


4. If you fit into one of these categories, during this time, the Type B Gas course can be completed.

The Type B Gas Course consists of 10 days onsite training at Bizmatrix, more information can be found here.


5. After training, you will need to submit a log of your experience with Type B Gas.

Bizmatrix will go through details on this log when you are onsite at training and with any other past experience with Type B gas .


6. Once training is completed and you obtain your restricted electrical permit – or licence, you can apply for your Type B Gas authorisation!

Bizmatrix help you go through this application process and it is to be submitted after you Type B Gas Course has been completed.

If you would like more information about training and eligibility, please contact us directly at info@bizmatrix.edu.au or 0457 595 888.

We look forward to training with you!


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    June 6, 2020, 9:57 pm REPLY

    I want plumber licence
    Pls give me information

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