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Gas Work Licence – Restricted to Service: Adelaide

Gas Work Licence – Restricted to Service: Adelaide

In September 2014, Bizmatrix ventured to sunny Adelaide to train students in the Restricted Gas Course – 5 day condensed course. Here our students were taken on a voyage of discovery, learning not only about gas principles and practices, but opening their minds to a new way of learning. From here our students were given visual representations and hands-on learning with their practical training assessed on the Type A Gas appliances.

We asked students about learning processes and gave them a visual idea of the journey to come, clearly outlining what we hope to achieve as a team and also for them individually. Bizmatrix strive to provide the highest level of training ensuring that it is interactive and hands-on, so that we can integrate both the books and practical training giving students a clear understanding of how to work safe and efficient.

If you’re looking at completing a training course with Bizmatrix, all the information can be found on our website here. 


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  • Peter uolland
    January 18, 2018, 9:45 pm REPLY

    Do U have up coming forced in Adelaide for restricted gas licence

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