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A must have licence 

As your business expands, so do your offerings. We find a lot of plumbers and gas fitters as they continue to work on-site need to be able to disconnect and reconnect electrical equipment like an electric hot water system in order to get the job done. 

 It becomes far too time-consuming to have to organise a sparky to come in to do it, and not to mention the extra cost involved with their call-out fee or the need for two people to do one job.

Currently, Australia is experiencing nation-wide staff shortages, so it is more important than ever to upskill and be qualified in multiple trades.

With the ever-changing environment in the gas industry, we are witnessing a need for gas fitters to attain the Restricted electrical license prior to completing and achieving the Service Type A gas license or qualification too.

To obtain a Victoria License you need to have completed the specific unit CPCPGS4022 Service Type A Gas appliances (with pre-requisite units), hold a Class II Restricted Electrical Licence and then complete a Test with the Victorian Board Authority (VBA).

It is highly recommended that all gasfitters obtain the restricted electrical license for not only disconnect and reconnect electrical appliances but also to locate and rectify faults plus plugs and cords minimum of 240Vac.

There are a few ways around this for those who are eligible. The Restricted Electrical Licence is a pathway to enabling you to disconnect and reconnect and or locate and rectify. However, prior to completing the training, in Queensland, a tradesperson will have to apply through the Electrical Safety Office for a permit (in other states the rules will vary).  See the thing is, who can do this type of electrical work comes down to your call of trade, and your incidental requirement or need to complete the electrical work within the scope of your job. You must have a true requirement to complete disconnect and reconnect/ locate and rectify work, and it not just be to make more money. As it is high-risk work, this process is taken very seriously.

So once you have completed your application for an electrical permit, you will then be able to move forward with training. Note that your permit will outline the units you are eligible to complete in line with your trade. You simply cannot pick and choose the units you’d like to study. For example, a plumber/gas fitter most often will be granted the following units:


  • Hot water systems only 

Gas Fitter

  • Type A gas appliances only 


UEECD0007 – Apply OHS / WHS

UEERL0003 – Conduct in Service Testing (Test & Tag) ( Bizmatrix requirement )

UEERL0004 – Disconnect and Reconnect

UEERL0005 – Locate and rectify faults

UEERL0001 – Plugs cords 230Vac

Note: Gasfitters completing the CPCPGS4022 Service Type A gas appliances training, the Bizmatrix Restricted Electrical Courses link the electrical training with this gas unit. Including the specifics with the AS4575 Gas Appliances- Servicing of Type A appliances.

However other trades like a mechanical fitter will be most likely granted the following units:

Mechanical fitter:

  • Motors only 


UEECD0007 – Apply OHS/WHS

UEERL0003 – Conduct in service testing (Test &Tag) ( Bizmatrix requirement )

UEERL0004 – Disconnect & Reconnect motors

You can see that the disconnect and reconnect unit has been specifically allocated as motors only. Therefore this license will not transfer between trades unless you have applied for the relevant units in line with your trade. It is a very specific type of license and is in line with your experience. It is not a one size fits all license or something that can cross over between your trades. 

For more information about how the Restricted Electrical Licence works, please chat with our team or call us directly on 1300 588 749, for more information on how to sign up read about the restricted electrical permit application process here.

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