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Supporting Our Training Partners: Synchrotech Gas Stationary Engines Course (Training Unit)

Supporting Our Training Partners: Synchrotech Gas Stationary Engines Course (Training Unit)

Gas Stationary Engines course students and employers get more time earning while learning…beam me up Scotty!

One of the biggest issues we all have is we do not have the time to be in a training room, how can we learn when we need to earn money? Do you hear yourself saying…

My boss won’t give me the time off!
I work long days, I do not have the time?
I need to get that licence and qualification, but can not afford the time to learn!
How can I study and keep earning?

Here are a few ways and ideas on how we have changed the Bizmatrix process to help you, with this success story.

1. Embrace the experience – and know the goal.

    •  Be positive – connect the theory with the practical
    •  Have the passion and have fun – enjoy the journey
    •  Aim to learning one new thing a day
    •  Celebrate the success of the journey

2. Plan your journey and program your study.

    •  Work with your daily work loads – and your boss/clients
        »  You need to allocate time for study
    •  Know when you are doing for what
    •  Diarise and have know the due dates & when your training milestones are due
    •  Allow plenty of time. Don’t leave it to the last minute, get ahead 

3. Treat the course as a daily event – like planning your breakfast, lunch and dinner.

    •  Embrace the course & know the end game
    •  The sacrifices are for the greater good and defined
    •  Small bite size learnings are better- Less is more

4. Value the learnings/experience.

    •  Know the value of the extra qualification and/or licence
    •  Education could help you earn around 7-12% or more income PA: (Not a bad pay rise)
    •  Additional qualifications could mean the difference of having or not having a job
    •  Extra qualifications could be a change in a better career

5. Enjoy the journey.

    •  Be proud of your achievements
    •  Network and create professional relationships
    •  Dear Diary – list what you learnt – dos and don’t
    •  Celebrate the success

Gas Stationary Engine students rate their recent training as 5/5 stars, due fantastic real life training experience.

We would also like to thank several supporting industry partners. This month gas trainer/educator Kurt Lewis completed our second course for Gas Stationary Engines – Install, Service and Maintenance course.

Due to Covid-19, Synchrotech Pty Ltd offered to provide us with a gas stationary engine rig to our Brendale facility to complement the Bizmatrix owned Kohler gas stationary engine. 

Synchrotech Gas Stationary Engine

These units are utilised for the course face to face practical. We normally locate the training at the Synchrotech Northgate workshop, by getting access and relocating the gas engine to Brendale has helped with the management of our Covid-19 processes as well increased the learners positive experience, which was reflected in the surveys with a almost 5/5 star rating. A credit to the great work by Kurt our trainer/educator and the fantastic support provided by Craig Giles and Synchrotech.

What the students liked the most was the new virtual online and interactive classes as well as the new video lessons which are backed up with instruction manuals. By utilising this style of class format, the student was able to structure their learning over a longer period, mapping out when it suited them and also had 24 hours access to the support videos – where they could repeat the lesson as many times they required.

Almost like having their own Holodeck ! “ Beam me up Scotty! 

This style of learning experience helped them to absorb what they were studying, so it reduced the stress of learning whilst underpinning their skills and knowledge so when they arrived at the practical days, the student was better equipped to tackle the hands on education and practical assessments.

Employers and students benefit from more time learning and less time away from their work – Also more time earning while learning …

Enrolments closing soon
Our next Gas Stationary Engine course is the last of it’s kind for 2020. The practical components of the Gas Stationary Engines course is scheduled for 30th November 2020, with all the online bizelearn.com.au e-Learning component to be completed prior to this date.

Registrations are no later than 10th November 2020. Places are limited. Click here for further info and to apply

    •  UEPMNT367  Install and commission stationary gas fuelled reciprocating engines
    •  UEPMNT368  Repair and maintain stationary gas fuelled reciprocating engines


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