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Take Advantage Of First Aid and Skills Maintenance – Read These Tips

Take Advantage Of First Aid and Skills Maintenance – Read These Tips

When was the last time you trained in First Aid? You can never over prepare for an emergency. It’s easy to think, ‘That will never happen to me’, or ‘We’ve been accident free for 12 years, why would something go wrong now?’ However unfortunately no one is exempt from incidents and crisis. If you want to come out on top, stay safe and reduce risk when an accident does occur, here are four tips to help you prepare.


First Aid – CPR and LVR

Your first aid training is required to be updated every three years while CPR yearly. This is because the rules and regulations change often and we forget the minor details that can be the difference between safe procedures and unsafe.

When it comes down to it, first aid saves lives, therefore put yourself and your team in a positive position and ensure your understanding is kept up to date. If you’d like to do a first aid training course, sign up here.


1. Skills Maintenance

Keep your skills within your trade up to date, because it is easy to fall into bad habits and make mistakes that soon become normal. Through completing a skills update course such as the Electrical Skills Maintenance course or Type A Trade Test training, you will be able to ensure you are following best practice.

Regularly reviewing the Australian Codes and Standards for information and answers is also a great way to ensure that you are following the safest procedures. If in doubt, ask a mentor or someone else who is in the industry with you to go through key concepts with you.


2. Team reviews

Monitor your teams performance and ensure that safe practices are being implemented around the workplace. It is important to both lead by example and ensure that the way your team is inducted into site is always of the highest safety standards.


3. Set a reminder

When you complete your first aid course, set a reminder on your phone one year on for CPR training. This will help keep your licences current and up to date. The same goes with your professional development. Consider the quiet periods for your work and add it to your calendar as a time for you to update your skills and knowledge within your field.

If you don’t plan it, you’ll never do it.

4. Appreciate that you are always learning

Use every opportunity to learn! Whether it’s a catch up with a work colleague or simply a team meeting. There are opportunities everywhere for you to continue learning. Speak to your employer about getting some training involved in your job so that you can become better at what you do.


What are your tips when it comes to taking advantage of first aid and skills maintenance? Tell us in the comments below.


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