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Test and Tag Benefits!

Test and Tag Benefits!

Test and tagging your appliances is important to ensure that your appliances are safe to use. Through being able to complete your own test and tag work you will be able to reap a number of benefits including:

Save money!

Keep your work in house and be able to do your own test and tagging.

Do it in your own time

Now you can ensure you never let your checks lapse by being able to do test and tagging in your own time.

No waiting for tools

You’ll be able to either replace or retest appliances so that you’re not in limbo as to whether or not an appliance is safe to use.

Become work safe compliant

As a business, you need to meet the mandatory OHS requirements to have electrical appliances tested and tagged, however you’ll also have peace of mind that your equipment has been tested and found safe to use.

Complete a one day test and tag course so that you and your staff can keep test and tag in house. Find out about the nationally recognised one day Test and Tag training  we offer here. 


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