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Date: Friday 17th July 2015

As a plumber or gas fitter, there are a number of reasons why getting an restricted electrical licence can benefit you. So here are just five of the many reasons why as a gas fitter or plumber, you should get an electrical licence.


 1. Understanding more than your trade
Through completing electrical training, you will develop a more in-depth understanding of basic electrical, enabling you to confidently complete restricted electrical work.


2. Offering your client more

With a more well rounded knowledge, you will be able to offer your client better advice in gas and electrical. You will also be more confident in the work you do as you have a wider knowledge between both gas and electrical.


3. Being more efficient in your work, due to understanding if it is an electrical or gas default

Now you will be able to complete a wider range of servicing, and understand further in depth when there is an electrical default in an appliance. Installation or service work is not a problem because having an electrical licence also means that any disconnecting, reconnecting, test and tag or more that needs to be complete, can be.


4. Earn more money by being able to disconnect and reconnect

Through up skilling, you can offer your client more, resulting in earning more money. Test and tagging can be made into a complete business if you wish, so keep in mind the other opportunities that arise too!


5. Offer a full service package

Provide your clients with a full service package in gas and restricted electrical, or plumbing and restricted electrical. By offering them selected jobs grouped together, this shows them what you are capable of doing. Often, clients may be confused by what you are able to do, gas or electrical wise, therefore by having a restricted electrical licence, this gives you the opportunity to show them that you are able to legally expand outside of gas or plumbing without problems.


If you have a base trade or calling, you will be able to apply for an electrical permit and go on to complete your restricted electrical training.
Call Bizmatrix now or contact us through our website to find out how you can benefit from this licence.


  • Hi, request training timetable and costing for an Restricted Electrical Licence

  • Plumber seeking restricted electrical license. Could you forward me course info please. I live in Brisbane


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