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Who Needs First Aid Training?

Who Needs First Aid Training?

What makes first aid training important in the workplace?

You may not be very inclined to take a first aid training course if it doesn’t fit in with your busy schedule, however there are a number of benefits to learning about first aid, both in the workplace and in everyday life.


First aid training can be undertaken by anyone; the standard nationally recognised training is very simple with no pre-requisites whatsoever and training courses take less than a day, being offered face-to-face with E-learning too.


So what other benefits does first aid training have?

Once you have completed your training and obtained your first aid certificate, you will be qualified to perform life saving procedures to those in need, react calmly and administer CPR. This is especially useful at home or in the workplace, knowing exactly how to help your loved ones or colleagues in whatever situation may arise. Whether it is a cut or something much more severe, understanding basic life saving techniques are skills that will guide and enable you to react calmly to what more often than not, can be an overwhelming and stressful situation. Through obtaining further knowledge on how to help if someone is in need, you will leave feeling more confident and also aware of the dangers within the workplace.


There are plenty of first aid courses available for beginners with no prior experience of first aid or for those who just want a refresher course.

Bizmatrix offer the full first aid training program to update your training, along with CPR and LVR training alone. These training programs are on offer monthly however if you would like to request a specific date to undertake your training, please speak to one of our student advisors. If you have a group of 6 or more students, Bizmatrix can also organise a private training course specifically for your team.


With no pre-requisites, first aid training is very beneficial to anyone and could be the difference between saving someone’s life or not.


By Matthew Leano


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