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Date: 18/09/2015

Having a strong online presence and an impressive social media profile will help you build your audience, and pick up new clients along the way. The power of social media and a high quality website is often ignored by tradespeople, however now’s your opportunity to leverage your online presence.

Whether it’s with LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, here are our tips for creating a strong online presence and an impressive gas or electrical social media profile.



Maximise your “About Me & Profile” and use the right key words.

Be clear and concise to make your social media profile easy for your clients to understand exactly what you offer (and potentially where). Ensure that you complete all sections of your social media profile because a half-complete profile leaves people unconvinced as to why and how your services can benefit them. Think about it, why would you follow someone who doesn’t even have the time of day to complete their ”About me” section, it gives you the idea that their content to follow perhaps won’t be of a high quality?

Use professional photos.

Visually interesting and attractive photos are a key part of a good social media profile. Whether it’s your profile picture, or the images you post, these all play a very important part to create professionalism and interest from your target audience.

Make it personal.

Always write in ‘first person’ and really try and speak to your audience as though they are right beside you. Think about giving them advice that perhaps they have once asked you for, and help them gain further information and insight towards current problems.

Cross link, and display your links!

Add your social media links to your email tag, website links, newsletters, and cross link them to build a strong audience following. Remember if your audience can’t find your social media pages, then they can’t follow them, so put them links in a place where they can be easily found!

Show your clients and credentials.

As a gas fitter, you probably have an impressive portfolio of work, so why not show it off! If you have any noteworthy achievements, or if you are a part of the Queensland Gas Association or Master Electricians, tell people about it! This is a great way to establish your credibility and show people your vast experience.

Follow these simple steps to build your gas and electrical social media profile and presence. Keep up with the new age and stay on top of the value and importance that social media holds.

If you would like more information about how you can build your online presence, ask us for some tips, we’re here to help!

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