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Plumbers, Gasfitters & Fitters be safe with bonding straps .

don’t take the chance!

The Electrical Safety office is alerting all Plumbers , Gasfitters and fitters. To  Always use a bonding strap to bridge the gap when cutting into any pipework, when disconnecting gas appliances or water appliances , removing gas meters, gas valves and breaking into a pipework system.

It is also recommended to add an additional Earth strap to a known Earth bond, to further neutralise the effects of stray current. If you want to check for stray current- use a milli AMP clamp Amp meter around the pipework in addition to the bonding straps and earth bond. Stray currents in excess of 20mA has the potential to be fatal. Recently there has been several deaths caused by plumbers cutting into a water pipe with no bonding straps. Remember any stray current will find the path of least resistance to Earth , which could be your body !

Did you know ! Our disconnect and reconnect gas appliances unit, covers safe work methods of how to safely use bridging straps , why not complete just one unit in the module, just ask us for more information contact us about our bite size units on how to gas and electrical refresher courses. contact Bizmatrix Education 0457 595 888 or 1300 588 749 or go to Gas refresher/ trade tests and field experience or Certificate IV gas units  course or electrical skills maintenances from only $495 


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  • neil jamieson
    February 22, 2019, 2:00 pm REPLY

    Bonding straps.

    You discuss bonding straps for use in the gas industry.

    Is there an Australian standard for manufacture and is there a "real" legislated test/period for on site use ?

  • Braden Bills
    August 28, 2019, 12:31 am REPLY

    I need to fit some things to my gas system. It makes sense that getting a professional to handle this would be for the best. I wouldn’t want to risk making things more dangerous, after all.

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