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Restricted Electrical – Appliance Repairers -Technicians | How to !

Restricted Electrical – Appliance Repairers -Technicians | How to !

Restricted Electrical – Appliance Repairers -Technicians

The Restricted Electrical Licence Course is open those looking to up-skill and gain a Restricted Electrical Licence in relation to their Appliance repairers skill set.

I am a licenced  appliance repairer  , how do I get a restricted electrical licence !

Who can do it?

Appliance Service/repairs and maintenance  :

Eligible for all units as below, this will depend on your training permit and needs eligibility

  •  Disconnect and reconnect  low voltage electrical circuits
  •  Locate & Rectify faults in  low voltage electrical circuits
  •  Attach Plugs and cords


How to get a Restricted Electrical Licence as an Appliance repairer !

1-Get your Training Permit (1st ) First

– You are required to have a Training permit from the Queensland Electrical Safety Office.
– Find out how to make an application for your restricted electrical permit here.

Permit application requirements.

– Certificate III in Appliance Service or a composite appliance qualification.
– Your need to do incidental electrical work  for the repairs of appliances.
– Required a letter from your employer or a (statutory Declaration if self employed) which needs to list the appliances in your call of trade and the voltages and why you need an electrical licence.

Note: You can only disconnect and reconnect , locate and rectify electrical on gas appliances…


– Only Electrical Appliances, electrical systems in the appliance
– Disconnect and reconnect low voltage appliances 250 VAC or (up to 415VAC if there is a need)
– Locate rectify faults in Low Voltage appliances 250 VAC or (up to 415VAC if there is a need)
– Replacement of the appliance like for like
– Replacement or fitting  of plugs and cords on appliances  only
– Test and tag appliances

2-Got the Permit- Now the Electrical training at Bizmatrix.


Those who hold a restricted electrical permit can complete this training course (obtained through the Queensland Electrical Safety Office), permit application can be made here. Only those with a base trade or calling as listed here are eligible otherwise if you have 5 years or more of unstructured experience. These units are selected from the UEE30811 Certificate III in Electrotechnology Electrician.

Find out how to make an application for your restricted electrical permit here.

The training delivery time will vary; it will depend on the quantity of electrical units that student receives on their permit.

When you have your permit- then sign up for your course.

OPTION 1- APPLIANCE SERVICE SKILL SET- Ideal for Appliance service Techs seeking a restricted electrical Only Disconnect and reconnect 250VAC

  1. OHS   UEENEEE101A
  2. Test and Tag,   UEENEEP026A
  3. Disconnect and Reconnect up to 250V  UEENEEP010A  + Logbook
    Add Attach Cords and Plugs up to  230Vac UEENEEP024A   $200
$1,990 GST Free
+ $200 Option
Option 2- APPLIANCE SERVICE SKILL SET  – Disconnect/Reconnect /Locate Rectify    250VAC    

  2. Test and Tag-UEENEEP026A
  3. Disconnect Reconnect-UEENEEP010A
  4.  Locate rectify faults up to 230Vac – UEENEEP016A  + Logbook
    Add Attach Cords and Plugs 230Vac $200- UEENEEP024A
$2,600 GST Free
+ $200 Option
Option 3- APPLIANCE SERVICE SKILL SET  – Disconnect/Reconnect /Locate Rectify  415VAC

  1. OHS     UEENEEE101A
  2. Test and Tag    UEENEEP026A
  3. Disconnect Reconnect UEENEEP010A up to 415Vac
  4. Locate rectify faults UEENEEP016A  up to 415vac + Logbook
$2,900 GST Free
5. Add Attach Cords and Plugs 230Vac $200    UEENEEP024A + Logbook+  $200 Option

The  Restricted Electrical Training Process at Bizmatrix 

Step 1: E-learning online components approximately 3-4 days of online theory

Step 2: Face to Face Training :Once E-Learning is complete, students will come onsite for 3-6 days of comprehensive practical training at Bizmatrix Training Centre, Brendale.

The student must complete the online training within 3 months and attend the practical within a month after completing the online training- the E-learning and face-to-face training must be completed not prior to 2 months and within 6 months.

Step 3:  The Logbooks : An on the job logbook is to be completed after attending practical in class training. If the student does not have a supervisor able to sign them off,

Bizmatrix can provide institutional log book experience at an extra cost.

Step 4:  The finale sign off  : The completion process where you receive your Restricted electrical licence.

Full information page and available courses at Bizmatrix here 

Information and registration sheet available when you register or follow this link – Bizmatrix restricted electrical training.

Alternatively just call us directly at 0457 595 888 or 1300 588 749   or email us at info@bizmatrix.com.au


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