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Three Ways To Build Your Network As a Gas Fitter

Three Ways To Build Your Network As a Gas Fitter

Are you leveraging your professional network as well as you could be? Here are three ways to build your network as a gas fitter.

“84% of consumers reported always or sometimes taking action based on personal recommendations” – Nielson.

1.Impressions really do count

The more places we show our face, the more opportunities we have to build our network. Through attending industry events, annual general meetings and general catch ups, these are the best ways to become well known within the gas industry. Make sure you’re a part of the Queensland Gas Association to stay updated with industry events.

2. Time is valuable

Time is the one thing that you will never be able to get back. However don’t be scared to spend time communicating and keeping in touch with your networks. This ensures that you stay top of mind and as your networks first thought when they need your services.

3. Utilising email

Reach out to your network, it’s amazing how much of a positive effect one email can have. Write something empathetic and actionable, but know your purpose.

In our case, we work to keep our contacts in the know about events and upcoming training offers. We also provide information to assist with business (like this article!). Always ensure you have a positive tone and try to keep it short and visual.

Some say networking is becoming a bit of a ‘dirty word’ because it connotes the idea of never-ending socialising at awkward events, well it doesn’t have to be! Getting your strategies in place will enable you to keep in touch with others within the gas industry so that you can build your network and rely on those around you to help build your business.

Tell me, what’s your number one strategy when it comes to building your connections?


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