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Winter Warmer: Gas Heater Safety Tips

Winter Warmer: Gas Heater Safety Tips

Date: Monday 13th July 2015

Winter has arrived and this year Brisbane has received a cold front calling for the use of heaters and longer hot showers than normal. Maybe we can’t all sit by a fire with a cup of hot chocolate in hand, but we sure can sit by the heater with the TV on!

So when you’re using your heater there are a couple of factors you should take into consideration.

Always ensure you:

– Keep flammable materials far from the heater

– Ensure there is adequate ventilation allowing fresh air flow to enter and exit the room.

– Keep children and elderly away from heater to ensure they don’t touch the hot surfaces.


– Dispose rubbish in a gas fire

– Use an unglued heater in small spaces such as a bedroom or bathroom as toxic gases can emit causing a number of health problems.

– Store aerosols or pressurised packs near a gas heater, no matter whether it is on or off – there is still a risk due to the pilot light being potentially on.

Stay safe this winter and use gas heater appliances in the correct manner. Don’t risk your life or your families.


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