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Winter Energy Saving Tips – Gas and Electrical

Winter Energy Saving Tips – Gas and Electrical

The mornings are getting a little too cold for me, making it hard not to reach over to the heater and turn it on. So this winter, consider saving energy with these tips.

Make the most of the sun

Let the light in during the day and open your curtains to allow the sunlight to naturally heat the space. In Queensland, we get a lot of sunlight throughout the winter months, so this is an easy and effective way to take advantage of saving a bit of power.


Speaking of sunlight, winter is a great time to really benefit from solar power. A solar heat pump for your hot water system can help lower your household electricity and gas usage.

Dark days call for lights

As the days become shorter, this means we turn on the lights for longer. To reduce lighting costs, switch to energy efficient LED bulbs so you save on electricity costs.

Sleep with no heat

Warm up your room with the heater before you go to bed, but when it’s time for lights out, turn off the heater. It’s unecessary to leave it on all night and is an expensive habit.

Cook and heat

If you’re using the oven in winter, after, you can open it a bit to let the heat dispurse through your home. Remember that this isn’t a cost effective alternative to the heater if you’re not already using it though!

Gas heater or fireplace

Move away from electric heaters which can build up an excessive power bill and consider using a gas heater or fireplace instead. Gas heaters warm up rooms much quicker than electric heaters, and gas is significantly cheaper than electricity too.

Check your provider

Make sure that you’re getting the best deal from your energy provider. It can be easy to get complacent with the provider you’ve always been with, but make sure you compare your gas and electricity providers that service your postcode and ensure that you’re getting a good deal.

If you’d like to learn more about domestic gas, see our range of Type A Gas courses here. 


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