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Australia Needs You: Trade Licence Funding

Australia Needs You: Trade Licence Funding

There is an ongoing need for gas fitters in Australia, which has encouraged further funding and incentives from the Australia Government due the strong role that gas fitters and trades people play. Without gas, electrical, plumbing and trade personnel, Australia cannot function! This increase in funding makes it more accessible and rewarding for students looking into starting a trade to just go for it!

Why is it important to get a trade licence?

Getting a formal trade licence is extremely important and really the only option when it comes to working in the gas, electrical and plumbing industry. As explained in “The Risks of Unlicensed Gas Work” article, here we outline why it is just not worth the risk and how it is so important to keep your licences and information up to date and complete regular professional development training courses.


Why Queensland trades?

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade explains “One in five Australian jobs is directly related to trade. Queensland’s exports are equal to 21.8 per cent of Gross State Product, building wealth and prosperity. Foreign investment plays an important role in the Queensland’s economic development and provides capital to fund business expansion” (Reference DFAT, 2013). 

How does the Australian Government encourage Queensland trade?

The Australia Government prioritizes trade and focuses on investing in skills, education and other infrastructure to increase market access and improve import/export conditions. Our domestic economy is further reformed through facilitating greater regional trade services (Reference DFAT, 2013).

What can I do with a trade licence?

Once you have a licence you can work under the terms of your licence. If you want to become a gas fitter you can apply for the Certificate III in Gas Fitting course and once competent, you may apply for your Interim Licence, which then leads to your Full Gas Licence. From here you will be eligible to work in servicing, installing or commissioning Type A – domestic and commercial appliances. Otherwise similar processes are complete when applying for Electrical licences, plumbers licence and on.

Jobs available

There are a number of job opportunities in the trade industry however here are generally the most commonly requested roles.

  • Qualified full gas fitter
  • Electrician
  • Plumber
  • Boiler Maker
  • Type B Industrial Gas Fitter

What can I study after this?

Participants can continue further studies in Certificate IV, Diploma or Advanced Diploma programs.

If you’re interested in pursuing a trade contact Bizmatrix now – it is never too late to start in the trade industry and build your career.

Email us at info@bizmatrix.edu.au or call 133 588 749.


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