People who service and maintain gas appliances in the UK will require an Australian gas license in order to continue their work when they move to the country. However, it is easy to convert an international gas and electrical safety certificate in Australia. Below are some guidelines to exchange your UK gas fitting license to Australian.

Bring copies of your qualifications

As with any method of acquiring a license, it is important to bring a copy of all the appropriate qualification documents, such as your old license and educational records. All of the documentation must be certified by a Justice of the Peace (JPs). They can be found in most public places such as shopping centres and courthouses. Any evidence of your competence in Gas and electricity fitting will help such as pictures or videos. Everything you can provide can increase your chance of securing a gas license in any state such as Queensland.

Know the Australian gas fitting work standards

 There are certain changes from the UK gas fitting work standards as compared to the Australian ones which may confuse some people. Due to the climate differences in both countries, each has their own regulations in the application of gas appliances. For example, a gas fitter must know about the energy safety’s technical and safety regulation in the gas industry in Australia. You will be able to easily pass the licensure examination once you are familiar with the gas fitting work standards of Queensland.

Your experience as a gas fitter in UK can also help in showing your competency. Instead of telling someone how you work on appliance installation, provide the principles for the installation which you have learned during your work. This will help you with obtaining your license during the interview.

Find the right training course

As mentioned before, being knowledgeable about the gas fitting standards of Australia can make the difference in acquiring your license. The right trainer can equip you with everything you need to become a licensed gas worker. They will make sure you are able to understand the differences in gas fitting between countries instead of just passing you the knowledge. Basically, re-educating yourself is a very smart investment in order to receive a license to continue your work while living in Australia.

Bizmatrix’s specialists will help you obtain your license with their professional gas licensure courses. Click here for more information about their certification courses.


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