The previous article talked about creating a professional development strategy and presenting it to your employer, as well as how you can convince them to cover the fees of further training in the gas and electrical field. Gaining new skills and certification can improve your career. However, the option of having a company financing their employee’s training may not be available for everyone.

Seek your own training

Expanding your skills can unlock better opportunities for you in your career. For this article, we will discuss the reasons why you should consider finding and paying for your own training. It will also guide you in finding certification courses to help you in the gas and electrical industry.

Benefits of seeking your own training

Financing your own training can be very expensive. You will be paying for the attendance fee, supplies and travel fares. Most of your free time will be used to attend classes. Despite the large investment on your part, you can obtain a good return on your investment.

For employers, this is a positive image they want to see in their employees. This shows you are willing to improve without any assistance from the company. Being able to complete a workshop, such as a cross licensing or up skilling with a restricted electrical license training course or a gas fitting license, will open doors for you. You can ask for a higher salary or a better position in your company. With the right amount or training you could earn as much as 12% or more of what you are presently earning now.

For those without work, you will have more career options for each professional development course you complete. For individual contractors, certification can attract more customers to their business.

Look at becoming a specialists, who is sort after. Look at the medical world, where a doctor earns less than a specialist surgeon.

Where to find courses?

There are numerous resources for you to use in order to find a reputable gas and electrical short courses or a certificate course. The internet is the first place to consider looking for one. There are local directories which can help you find nearby classes. If you have a decent computer, you can also consider looking for an online course.  Or go direct to the national listed course directories at to research all the nationally accredited training and registered training organisations.

Another good place to find a training seminar is colleges which offer gas and electrical subjects. It is recommended to first visit their website which may contain the information of the courses you are looking for. If you need more information, consider giving them a call to ask if there are any classes available.

Finding the right registered training organisation

There are numerous training organisations , TAFES which provide gas and electrical short courses or certificate courses.  However, there are some which don’t have the right qualifications. Every ( Registered training Organisation (RTO)needs to be approved by the right association in order for them to provide Nationally accredited training to certify you. You can find this out by visiting the website of your state’s gas and electrical association. Or .  Their list of approved certification courses can be found here. If there are none present on the site, consider calling them to inquire about a school if they are qualified.

Another thing to consider is the curriculum. It is important to note if the course they are teaching is significant to your line of work. Remember, your goal is to obtain a new skill and not just to pass any course you decide to take. Research what subjects a school offers. Taking note of the feedback from previous students can also assist in choosing the right establishment. This will help you determine if their teaching methods will help you learn with ease.

The training point of difference with Bizmatrix Training

Bizmatrix Education is a registered training organisation that has trainers that are still working in their trade.

Bizmatrix holds an Electrical Contracting Licence, Type B Gas Authorisation for Queensland gas industrial appliances, Type A gas fitting licence and Type A Individual gas appliance certification.

For more information about expanding your horizons, talk to the experts at Bizmatrix. They offer a number of great courses and understand the value of up-skilling and learning new skills, so give them a call on 1300 588 749 today.

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